#23 David Myers


And the reality is, right now, we don’t have anyone who can provide a body that size or strength in the middle that understands the structures. Which supposedly is a key strength of his.


Smack and Myers touted as the saviors…

Cant wait for the real stuff to start.


Lots of panic dollars being thrown around.


This bloke has plenty left to offer this football club.


Myers was more physical yesterday than I have seen him for a long time. He wasn’t just blocking bodies. he was hitting bodies. 6 clearances. Dead certainty to play round 1 .


He didn’t seem to have a massive game, but we looked so much better in the contests with him out there. Of course we looked a whole lot better than the last game in just about every respect, so it’s hard to say how much influence the extra big body had.

One thing I have noticed is that he seems to combine much better with the older players than the younger ones. Probably a reflection of how little footy he has played with half the team.


As I said earlier, even though he is injury prone, lacks form and isn’t a high possession winner. He is an important player this year.


After last year I didn’t have him in my best 22 this year. But he looked handy on the weekend.


6 Clearances eh?..did any go to our players?


Fair question. He also had 5 inside 50’s.

Not saying he had an outstanding game but he did the things he was supposed to do.


He looked strong in the contest. got a bit of the pill. He looks set to play a important midfield role, and might be good to be there when the heat is on early in quarters… But ideally we transition to Heppell/McGrath/parish/Zerrett as main mids.


Imagine if we have that level of improvement, compounding every game.

One can dream…


Possibly Stringer played a little better not being the sole bigger body?


Best preseason in years.
By god we need him,
Cause theres fark all ready
At his size to take his place.


thats almost haiku like.


If ever we needed him to be effective its now. He’s basically the only option we have for a bigger bodied mid (I don’t believe Stringer will play mid very much) so should get every opportunity to play this role. I’m not expecting Jobe level clearance work but his role is vital to our chances of playing finals.


Big bodied Myers
Not the hero we deserve
The hero we need


The inside beast we missed last game. Very good game from Daveo, his ability to get the ball and take two or three blokes to take down is handy.


Someone seems to have hacked pbomber’s account - but was it on game day or since then?


And he’s injured yet again.

This season can EAD