#23 David Myers


Career ending game today.


The irony of Myers - a guy who’s strung together two very brief stints of semi decent football in over a decade - is that, in a few weeks, people will be clamouring for Colyer - a guy who’s strung together one brief stint of semi decent football in nearly a decade - to come back into the side.

Let idiocracy reign.


Bolton blanketed goodes at the heigh of his powers what did Myers do?


Oh, man. Don’t get me started. I’m trying my hardest not to single out Myers, as there is clearly plenty of love for him still in this thread, but if you go down the Colyer path, I don’t know if I can control myself or not. Promise that I will try hard and not use that PH word again. It’s inflammatory, except on game day (when anything goes).


Didn’t want him in the team, didn’t see a place for him, watched him fall into dudes’ backs, grab the ball and throw it on the boot blindly, fumble balls into opposition hands, fail to punch in defensive contests.

Never understood why someone who had done so little was elevated to the leadership group, now it seems that role guarantees him a place on the team no matter how rusty or far off his limited best he may be.

Just a sad predictable call naming him this week.


Way too slow. Like the Queen Mary when changing direction.


It’s hard to believe, but body wise, Myers and Kevin Walsh aren’t that much different (except Myers is prolly heavier). Walsh played at CHB, so it is hard to compare the two players, except for one point. Both are much-maligned players. I was never much of a ‘Walshy’ fan back in the day, however, I can honestly say that he contributed infinitely more to Essendon (in his decade of playing for us) than Myers has.


As someone said earlier, he has a habit of playing a turrd first up after a spell, but many were singing his praises not long back.

Let’s hope that’s his stinker out of the way.


That favt just makes his selection all the more baffling


Well, no it doesn’t, … given the Dogs were the worst performing team thus far this year, … it was ostensibly the best time to get the stinker out of the way, … except almost every other player in the team wound up having one as well.


That unnamed “someone” is clueless. Myers’ best spells over his career - comprised of, say, the top 35% of his games - have been serviceable, and the remaining 65% have been somewhere between “barely serviceable” and “abominable”.

He is kind of symbolic of the last decade - mediocrity, denial and idiocy reign supreme. He isn’t Robinson Crusoe in this category, though - Lonergan, NLM, Dyson, Colyer, Bolton, Slattery, Howlett etc. all were kind of the same story of guys getting close to and in some cases well past 100 AFL games despite being obviously and consistently well off the pace for AFL.


He can keep playing…as long at its in the VFL. I don’t care if he has 30 touches every week for the rest of the year down there, he should never ever play in the 1s again. We need to move past who have been around for ages and still haven’t been good enough

He is done, cooked,finished.


Much more obviously


Why are we wasting time playing Myers as a mid/defender - Better to play Langford as a mid/forward who can share this role with Stringer - And Langford will play better as a forward compared to Myers as a defender.


We barely have room for Stringer in our forward line as it is.


I want a guy who can play mid/mid. Having the real Zerrett back would do for now


Whats the point of Myers spending half his time in defence.


Release Goddard into the midfield? Just a guess because I saw him in some centre squares in the second half.


It gets worse when (if) LAV survives the next couple weeks and has to come in. No one individually matches Mr Hooker, but it may be best to send him back.

(Remember the good ol’ days when you could name all of TDaniher Merrett Salmon Van Der Haar up forward?)


Excellent game yesterday, I especially liked his time in defence. His aerial work really undervalued.