#23 David Myers


Sycophantic horseshit.

He’s not made a consistent contribution since 2014. 2014!!!
Happy for him to come into the side by banging the door down in the VFL - but there’s a clear set of double standards on display here, harkening back to the nasty last few years of Sheeds.
You can say it’s all fine and all good, but fact is there’s 20 young guys outside the “Best 22” ™ who seemingly need to string together a month of best-ons before getting a game - and a few guys who only need to be taken off the injury list before the red carpet gets rolled out.

At a point where the group as a whole seems to have little belief and buy-in to the game plan, a niggling voice in the back of my head is getting harder and harder to ignore.


Yep agreed. Jackson Merrett has seemingly been in better form than Myers over the last 12 months (at times a pretty decent run of games) and has never got a look in. We all agree Jackson is done but the double standards are palpable.


Anyone notice how Myers handballs like a civilian? Like just does not look like a league footy player when hand passing the fkn football.


l shuddered when l saw Dave in defence, knowing it would cost us goals. Stick a fork in him.


Will play this week for sure. Clubs farked.


It’s one game. But, he is coming off not being right, and given how he played, then getting dropped to the VFL would make a lot of sense. Actually it would help Myers to go off and get himself into form. If he shows excellent form then sure bring him in if there is a spot for him because someone is not playing well. The match committee need to be clear that poor form is poor form, and they won’t pick teams based on hoping player X,Y or Z will come good. The club had a look at Myers and they gave him a go. Fair enough it was worth a try given the queries over Langford. But it didn’t work out. Whether Langford or Clarke or some other-young hopeful is going to bring the intensity and skills we need, well that’s to be seen. But other teams seem to bring in some kids and they fit in and develop. It’s for the coaches to earn their keep and sort this out. It doesn’t mean winning. It’s about being competitive and trying to do the right things.


Leadership Qualities.


Myers should not be blamed at all for his performance on the weekend.

The selection committee should never ever in their wildest dreams even remotely considered bringing him straight back in. Dumb.


i think myers bit dickson. shocking, throw the book at him.


Is anyone here old enough to remember when Myers was actually in form???


When I saw him lining up deep forward, you could just tell the coaches were trying to find a way to hide him on the field.


I actually think it’s one of those urban myths that never really happened. Like The Yeti, or the Loch Ness Monster, or Courtney Johns kicking 10 goals in a VFL game, or Scott Gumbleton sitting on guys’ heads, or Brent Prismall being any good…


On the way home in the train I was actually trying to think of 5 great games that he has played… I thought of maybe 1. Last year against Collingwood he got like 30 touches…that’s it


Gumbleton Mark 1V. Shows a lot about us actually.


He was very good in 2013 and 2014.

But so was Paul chapman.

The coaches and selectors have a long, long memory at times.


I can’t cop this.

First game he came back last year he was crap.
First game he came back in 2015 he was crap.
First game he came back in 2014 he was crap.

Pattern much?


got it


Was McKenna




Please don’t speak of Slattery again.