#23 David Myers


“Very good” is too strong for mine - I’d go with something like “consistently serviceable”. “Very good”, for me, is top half or better of the best 22 and finishing top 10 in our B&F - he never scaled those heights. Jake Melksham finished 5th in 2013 B&F, by the way, so it’s not like the competition was impenetrable.

I suppose he was “very good” by his own standards.


Points with confidence


Myers was easily our best until he got injured late in the 3rd quarter…Hirdy’s last game as coach.


Joe does too

Edit: and brown


This guy is FCKED

Never thought I’d say this but I’d rather Jackson Merrett back in the team to give him extra match payments before he’s delisted before seeing Myers grace the field again.

Take the pick 6 out of it and he’s slow, can’t kick well or find targets and his handballing and bodywork are terrible. Only thing he was good for was a 60m bomb and even that stinks now. Honestly let him win a premiership in the VFL and then fck him off. Sounds harsh but I’m at my wits end with guys like him (and last year it was Hocking/Howlett etc) eating games from kids. He’s just not that good, at one time in 13/14 he was serviceable, but he’s cooked now.


11 years, 101 games, 3 year contract, leadership group.


how the ■■■■ did he get 3 years?




He’s a good Essendon person


Guilt equals one, like the others, maybe two if you have a particular soft spot for him or concern about Jobe retiring. There is no excuse for three


IMO it was two years, with an extra year for guilt.


how is he a good Essendon person, apart from being at the club for ages


Senior player
Leadership group
Big body
Good tactician
Good bloke

And don’t forget. He’s a life member of our club.


Nah incompetence. If he was the only example of bewildering list management you could argue guilt but that doesn’t explain Jerrett being on the list or Jetta for a year playing VFL or the extended careers of Henneman, Slattery etc etc.


Myers should have had a game in the VFL as a tune up.

understandably woosha wanted to send a message after fremantle.

Orazio and Begley were shithouse too.


if he was the top bloke everyone puts him up to be he’d retire


Wow. So much hatred.
I can’t see anyone defending the guy.
Anyone not heaped enough ■■■■ on David yet?
You know what? He doesn’t pick himself to play, ok?
He just trains, and tries to do his best. Whether that’s good enough at the time is another matter. Maybe some of you people should take a cold spoon to your ■■■■■ and go look in a farking mirror.


Worsfold must have pulled that from Matthew Knights play book.


Though in those days Daniher and Vanders would often play back and Salmon and Merrett could ruck.


Embarrassment of riches in that golden 80’s period.
Madden, Merrett, Salmon, Daniher, Van Der Haar, Walsh, Weston, Duckworth could play KP also.
Just incredible big man depth and all of them could play multiple positions.