#23 David Myers


Game has changed though, hasn’t it. That team would be run off its feet and get drubbed every week. Unless it got to fisticuffs. But we’d run out of players pretty quickly.


I have no problem with David, I’ve got a problem with the idiots who bring him STRAIGHT back into the seniors. The same guys who think he’s of value to the side. That’s where my anger lies


Fair enough, too.
I think enough is enough though - he’s not a criminal, he’s a football player. No need for the continuous and relentless assassination. Everyone knows he had a crap game, and everyone knows he isn’t a superstar. Coming in here and saying that is perfectly fine. But fark me - you read through this thread and it’s enough to make you want to stab yourself in the eye with a fork.


Last years premiers have 2 of the most underrated players in Astbury and Mackintosh both are HBF.


I don’t have a personal issue with him because all reports he is a great club man.

Should never be in the side though.

Low possession winning, slow, one sided midfielders that can’t handball shouldn’t play AFL.

Not his fault though that he gets selected.




yeah but the gerries see him as our midfield saviour to protect the kids.


He tucks them into bed at night


A lot of disrespectful posts. He had a shocker but not from lack of effort.


He wasn’t the problem. Even in the first week this was evident.


Protected the kids


He did protect the kids. You hear anyone winging about the kids. Any of the kids threads full of attacks.

Nope Myers protected them through stinking it up. Played his role to perfection


Well one of the kids bit someone.


Yeah the mad kid from Ireland, Myers can only protect the sensible kids from inner city private schools. His powers only go so far.


You know when you think of Essendon players you can specifically think of their high lights?
e.g. when i think about McGrath i think about his super accurate handballs and run off half back.
When i think about Daniher i think about him scoring that goal on Anzac day.

When i think about Myers all that comes to mind is him hoofing the ball 60m to a pack?


I remember Peeto asking for games and times of his hoofed goals and missing his 75m one against port.


Some of those turnovers were CRIMINAL I SAY


Makes me cringe that we have to use Richmond as the bench mark when only 12 months ago they were sh**


Centre bounce rotation bull, please.


Dylan Sheil please

He’s contracted for next year but I would be making him an offer he cant refuse to get out of his contract early.

He’s excalty what we need just a bull who can run all day plus he can play along side his mate in Smith.