#23 David Myers


Will not leave GWS.


Jimmy Hird rates him.


Who Shiel or Myers? Myers is Hirds golden boy


True that. All you Myers haters might as well be chief football writer at the age.




not hate towards dave.

his football ability compared with most other players on AFL lists? for a guy who has played ten years? who is surviving on an afl list from his draft year whose worse?

or prob the next 3 years after. thats the problem.


Keep in mind his terrible luck when counting those years. He may have been listed for 10, but only played 5 years worth.


so we have an old player whose injury prone and effectively inexperienced at afl level.


Yes. I think that’s fairly well established.
‘older’, not ‘old’


Forgetting how he played for a minute, the style of game has changed to the point where you cannot cover more than one or two slow players.

We saw it last year when trying to play Watson, Myers, Heppell and Goddard. Watson is no longer there, but three is still too many. Particularly when all have a run through the midfield.


Besides all his other deficiencies (slow,injury prone,no left side,slow decision maker), it his his inability to dispose of the balll cleanly under pressure that is the killer.

Just hoofing it forward is basically a rebound for the opposition.

I would really respect him if his leadership extended to putting his hand up, going back to the twos, and helping the next gen come through like Hocking is.

He supposedly has a great understanding of the complexities of the gameplan and systems, so teach the kids.

In the twos.


You don’t rate durability when assessing a players overall worth to the side?


My comment was a reply to the preceding post.


So giving him a 3 year deal at this point was not the best decision


Ranks far worse than the 5 year deal given to Mercuri


Correct me if I’m wrong - it was 2+1.
Also - my personal opinion is that it was not the best option, no. Does what I think mean that much to you? Things haven’t worked out for Myers as they otherwise could have, and I have nothing but total sympathy and respect for the bloke - an absolute enormous amount more than I have for any poster here.


Extenuating circumstances were extenuating.


I see …


said completely without irony.


Now now, don’t get upset :slight_smile: