#23 David Myers


Mercuri earned his 5 year deal. He was a gun.


Mercuri’s was just bad luck. If he didnt have that personal tragedy he would have been even better


That’s fine. But there was no way you give a 3 year deal to someone that injury prone. Its just like what Collingwood did for wells


Did I say that?
And has that particular point not been made upteen times already?
What is the point of your reply?


I’m talking about our terrible list management (again).


Oh. Thanks for that.


I think we need to investigate this further.


This. How we let Ryder and Carlisle walk too is beyond me. It’s almost like our list management was comprised by some sort of perceived mistreatment of player welfare, or a saga of some sort, giving player managers and opposition clubs a position of strength in negotiation.


You cant have it both ways.

You cant say in here oh he doesnt pick himself , uts not his fault.
Then run over to the worsfold thread and say its not his fault, the players didnt do blah blah.

Just cos you’re obtuse , doesnt mean we all have to be.


Then stop looking and posting in every thread then. And posting and posting and posting, then switching to youe bloods acc then posting the same ■■■■ 100 times on that account.




That is what i think of every time i say that word.


It’s a nice word.
But I’m really waiting for a time I can use “juxtaposition”.
That’s the one I want !


HBF - it’s justaposition, same as FP, CHB etc.

Carry on.


Anyway, all you “experts” who say David Myers should not get another senior game do not have the first clue. By the season’s end you will be feeling very foolish.


i’m keen for him to hoof one from 66m out on the weekend, circa 2014.




I like him too mate, but I’m afraid the game has passed him by.
He can’t find any space out there.
Not quick enough, too one sided, and not creative enough with his hands to bring the likes of Merrett, Parish, McGrath into the game.

I can’t stand all the “WTF did he get a 3yr deal” sh*t that gets parroted every week, but we need to move on from him now.
His skill set does not compliment the way we want to play…at all !


Myers looked in decent form JLT2

But nobody seemingly loses touch or all football ability more that him after a layoff

Laughable really

Will they send him back for a run of 2’s games or persevere this week? Not named in VFL side doesn’t give you much hope bar hopefully a carry over emergency


In the VFL though