#23 David Myers


Well, I for one have never heard that in relation to Myers…


So what was the excuse prior to 2011? Was it in anticipation of the saga?


WTF are you blabbing on about now?
Myers gets constantly bagged for not being the player everyone wants him to be. He is who he is. He tries. His work-ethic is exemplary. His luck is terrible. His body has let him down. He does not deserve the ■■■■ that gets heaped on him every time he performs less than how people see him in an alternate reality. He does not walk around with his hands on his hips, watching the game go by.
Why the fark I even bother replying to a self-important sycophant like you though, I don’t know.


Would you like to compare how many people on this forum you and I have actually met and discussed things with in real life, not from behind your pc at mummy’s place while stuffing your face with doughnuts?


Not sure about the end of the season. I’m feeling very foolish now!


Hammer meet nail. l like DM as well, but the injuries have taken a toll and the pace of the game has gone past him. Bleeds black and red l am sure, but that isn’t enough anymore.


strap in buddy, theres 2 more years to go.


I just think we have better options, and need to develop those.


would you like to stick to the actual post, even remotely.

don’t post in every thread …
your reply, wanna compare how many people i’ve met on here in real life, whoopie do, like that proves you don’t go in every ■■■■■■■ thread and constantly ■■■■■■■ reply to everything.

wow you really taught me didn’t you, super awesome you’ve met people from here, good job.
do they secretely despise you as much as they do noonan haha


Good one


I PM’d @Mendozaaaa once, that was an experience.

does it count?


why does that matter?


"Leadership group mofos- I’ll decide when I’ll play twos"


“Just remember Woosha I have photos”!


Thread title needs changing to useless Myers.



how many blitzers have you met?


It matters, because of the charge of posting under multiple accounts.


Hey Kyle, VFL training is that way!


Great first half David


Totally different player to last week.

Actually looks hungry today.