#23 David Myers


Welcome back, David.


Form is temporary class is permanent.


What we’ve missed in the middle, someone to clear a path.


Gets a game before Langford




I mean, yes, that’s been the crux of the argument for the last 18 months.


I wish Langford was in to be protected by Dave.

Jokes aside. encouraging. This has to be his baseline.

Also I really don’t like his inability to get his hands free and do a clean handpass and his tendency to just blindly
kick it forward.


Inside work was first class. Got the hoof working well today too. Can all the d#ckheads who keep calling for his head just fro for just a week? Find another please play Langford for (insert name)


Never doubted him.


THIS is the baseline performance from a senior player. Encouraging performance, good on him. Now back it up on a big stage.


Good game


He is a good inside mid. He has his limitations but if he’s fit he’ll play every week because he gives us some bite in an area we suck in.


Happy to admit i didnt think he had that in him.


That’s why Myers get picked ahead of Langford.


We may have found one here. Good game David.


No one want to comment on his smashing into Dixon?


Much much much much better today. Was clean with his disposal too.

That has to be his benchmark


24 touches and two goals a benchmark? For who, Dangerfield?


I should’ve qualified that as his midfield work. goals are bonuses.


According to AFL player ratings, this was his career best game. (Mind you, it also says Hurley was below average):