#23 David Myers


I never once bagged him out, despite saying he should never play again. I meant he should never play VFL again.


Freaking so good to see him have a game like this I just hope he can keep it up.


Had his hair cut like Orazio and then plays like a champ. Keep the haircut up Myers


Not the goals or the touches but the accuracy of his disposal. He seemed a lot more mobile too this week


Was he matched up on wines today?


Good game Myersy.


The reason he doesnt get his hands free or a clear kick a lot of the time is that he bends down and goes head first for that ball that many wont go for, the one that other bystanders let get whisked away towards our opponents goals.

Bending down and getting tackled is a nilling of the contest which is actually a win in many scenarios during a game. You can nil the contest or do nothing and we lose the contest. And just maybe if with two opponents trying to bring him down he can scrape a kick forward or give off a little handball then thats even better as there is an Essendon player that is free because his opponent is tackling Myers.


Thats a lot of mental backflips to justify his inability to do something that a first gamer was capable of today…


I put my hand up because I don’t rate Myers because he can never do it consistently. It’s a good start and he had a great game, his true test is to have that form over the next month

But geez, that’s the exact game you want from Langford. I doubt he’s capable of it though


Its not.

I like the players bending down and trying to rip the ball our way. It doesnt count as a stat but its what eventually collectively takes its toll on an opponent.

Its far more important to have than pretty types who go missing and just watch.


And it sets a good example to their team mates


He looked powerful today, really strong in the contest. Big brute.

Kicking was alot more measured too.

He definitely does though seem to have lost his hoof, or is consciously not going for it.


I think both he and Joey have been told to pick a target before blasting away.


About time he had a good one! Good for him - back it up Anzac Day and we’ll love him even more.


Credit where credit is due, very good today.


Agree. Set the tone early too.

Impressive response to last weeks shithouse 1st up effort.

I’m guessing the Port players would have been looking to get in his ear too after the rubbish he served up vs WB.


Set a high standard for himself today. This is the sort of game we have waited to see, the sort of game we suspected he was capable of producing. Good work DM. Please sir, can we have some more.


No problem admitting I didn’t think he was capable of it, not at this stage of his career anyway. Very late bloomer :wink:? Share the sentiment - please more of that thanks.


Because the opportunity doesn’t come around that often…can I just say …“how was wonderboy Wines Vs Myers today, eh?”


Smell the roses now everyone because an inevitable injury is not far away

Very good game from him today however