#23 David Myers


The double shimmy and 50m hoof off a step. I won’t sleep tonight. Dreamy.


Haven’t read the thread post game, … but I deeply suspect there’s been some monumental humble pie eating been going on in here?


lol, no - you crazy?


I am more than happy to eat pie today. He played well. Was good in close, but it was his disposals that really stood out. I don’t remember one panic hoof out of a pack


C’mon, … you know I am …


But…you’re me, aren’t you?


Murphys Law @ Langford another 4 weeks in the VFL son thats the wsy it works. Credit to DM


So I’m told, … yes.




Deserves praise for a very good performance today. I have been critical of him, but will happily eat humble pie. Negated Wines, was hard at the contest and kicked a couple of goals. Couldn’t have played much better. Well done, David. Again next week, please.


Agree completely that today’s performance needs to be his baseline. He was as successful in his JLT games. Hopefully last week was the aberration. We really need a mid who can win possession at the stoppage.


Obligatory one good game in six. It’s stink time for the next month though.


Could be anything, this kid.


2 year contract extension. Strike now before interest from other clubs.


If ever there was a sign that it was going to be our day, Myers kicking two first half goals and having close to a career best performance would have to be it.


Well done Myers, back it up next week.

I’ll be over in the dining room eating humble pie.


Notable lack of apologies in here after the tongue lashing he has copped the last seven days. He was awesome today. Really strong over the ball and made a huge difference to the way all our players performed at the stoppages.


If he backs it up I’ll say sorry to him

** in virtuality , Via This thread


Wow, admitting you were wrong !

I went outside to check and the moon was not blue.


Protected the kids