#23 David Myers


15 April 2018
David Myers > Cyril Rioli.




David Myers breakout year.


And I was one of them. Good on you David, I hope it is a break out year for you.


its one game. he needs to back it up next week, and the week after that, and the week after that, etc etc etc.


David Myers just casually pulls out another fork, and continues his AFL career.

If he can keep getting under the packs, he gets to keep his spot. Goals were a pleasant bonus, but obviously not going to be commonplace.


Most of us knew he could play and particularly fill a gap for us, but the speed and degree of the turnaround in form was surprising. If only he could get a season free of injury.


I think the more important “if” is, “if he can do this for 5 rounds in a row without becoming a complete non-entity”


Or getting injured


Champion Data says that was Myers career best game. Best player in the team according to them.
Well done.


If you think this will be a standard for the rest of the year, you’re setting yourself, and Myers, up for a fall. He will have good games, and some not so good ones. Whether averaged out he’s worth the inclusion over others, everything considered, is the decision to be made. Don’t put him on a pedestal after yesterday, or spit on him when he has a bad game.


It’s his breakout game


but how well did he protect the kids!?


Well isn’t that the summary of Myers’ career, right there.


I mean really what can we expect he’s just a kid. He’ll be prone to fluctuating in and out of games.


Happy with that, or do you want to expand on it a little?


■■■■ take alert.


he has to be pushing 25 disposals a week for the rest of the year. we can’t afford him to regress to 15-20, not after all this time and his age. other wise we’re better giving the recent draftees a shot to do the same.


Only kicked multiple goals once in his career before yesterday


Well, he has been played a lot of a HBF.