#23 David Myers


He’s not the hero we want, but he is the hero we need.

Our midfield is too short without him, the only other mid we have over 80kg and 180cm is Heppell unless you count Stringer/Begley/Goddard who aren’t locks.

You can see why they kept Myers on the list to fill that gap but the question has always been around his ability to perform well enough to hold his spot.

Yesterday was good but unless he can maintain that level he will be lucky to keep his spot with guys like Mutch/Clarke/Guelfi barking at the door who also exhibit a bit of size and will need to be looked at this year.


Signs were there in the preseason with his game against the Cats. A lot of energy and intent, possession wise and tackles, operating at 80% efficiency. Then his second game back, increasing his possession tally with an efficiency of 87%. The bloke just needs some luck with injuries and the Bombers will have a quality mid for season 2018. Think he’s relishing the responsibility of filling the hole left by Jobe


Good effort from Dave, showed me up. That’s the level we need from him if our midfield is going to be competitive. Here’s hoping.


He has never looked fitter, and has worked harder in the last game than ever before.

If he only had a right foot.


If by some miracle he does stay fit and in that sort of form for most of the season it will help us a lot


Not a deep back.


Maybe we still aren’t quite sure and just need to give it another try. You know, just to be sure.


I legit LOLed when Port gave him his second goal by not knowing that.


Scott Lucas had a whole career built on this premise.


Has anyone mentioned champion data yet?




From a stats perspective Myers appears to had the complete game. Centre Clearances, Clearances, 1%ers, Inside 50’, a disposal efficiency rate in the high 80’s and two goals to top it off. Watching the replay he certainly played the role of big bodied midfielder.
I would like to think that this could be Myers baseline performance but I tend to agree with Deckhams point of view (very lid on). But if he could keep this up it would certainly be a break out year for him and be the culmination of a lot of peoples (including coaches) hopes.
If only it could be so.


My impression. In the past, when he actually got on the park, he was in Jobes shadow and rarely actually hunted the ball, preferring to wait for the ball to come out. When now called upon to BE the big bodied mid, like Sunday, he actually when in and got the ball. Thats his segue to Anzac Day.


I agree. He wasn’t previously going head to head against opposition best clearance player like Jobe would have been.

Did so with Wines on weekend.

Good game. Let’s hope it continues


Somewhere in this thread I’ve got the numbers on that. There’s basically no difference in his output with and without Watson in the side, when both were on the list. It could be that he’s been given a lot more opportunity to train that role this year, or the psychology of it could make a difference. Or he had one good game. Time will tell.


It’s all i can think about now.


To be fair to port, there probably isn’t much footage of Myers on the patk to analyse.


And we know they can’t read or Blitz would have told them all about Myers’s weaknesses in CAPITALS


David Myers. I WAS WRONG.


How would he go against Treloar as a defensive mid?