#23 David Myers


Scotland used it as an excuse to get out of jail time, while Kane Cornes used it as an excuse to retire after reaching 300 games.


And Tatye Pears was allegedly so hot he needed to be become a firefighter to cool off


Courtney Johns applied to be a fireman, ended up getting a job as a truck. Hose and all.




Outlasted Rioli. Great pickup Essendon.


Jackets plays the long game.


I think this is the key to getting the most out of Myers.

His three best games this year have been against Port, Brisbane and North. In each of these games (unlike his other games) he had significantly more uncontested possessions than contested possessions.

Although he has the body of an inside bull (can stand up in a tackle, extract a contested ball, block, bullock etc), he doesn’t have the skills to do anything with the possessions he wins (one sided, poor handball, poor decision making under pressure, poor evasive skills, lacks ‘time’).

But when he plays an inside-outside role it gives him time and space to use his only weapon - his left foot (and his passable straight-line speed). It also improves his DE%, I50s and Goal Assists, AND he hits the score board.

  • Port Adel: 9 CP, 16 UP, 88% DE, 5 I50s, 2 goals, 2 GAs (AF 121)
  • Brisbane: 11 CP, 19 UP, 68% DE, 5 I50s (AF 85)
  • North Melb: 10 CP, 15 UP, 96% DE, 6 I50s, 2 goals, 2 GAs (AF 122)

The averages for his ‘other’ games are:

  • 11.4 CP, 8.6 UP, 58% DE, 2.2 I50s, 0.0 goals, 0.0 GAs (AF 57)


Please get rid of this bloke.

Added nothing today and effectively just meant we had one less player wherever he lined up.


Wheel out that cannon please.


Line 'em Alex.


Delist. Produces a good game here and there. Then chucks up a game like today. Fk off and get games into Clarke


Not great today. Offered nothing.


Should not be seen in the red and black again.

Good servant, but the modern gam has passed him by… well and truly


but he played well last week!


Grab ball, turn and belt ball in any direction 20 meters in the air, turnover.

Run to contest, over run ball.

Half heartedly jog to opponent with ball, get side stepped or fended as easily as you like.

Grab ball, instead of looking to see where to move ball to, wait for contact and either throw on the boot aiming anywhere or hold ball in right arm whilst opponent pins my left because I can only handball with left arm.

All traits that are so Essington that it hurts.

Put Clarke or Mutch or anyone else in other than this bloke because we know what he is and it is predictable and a liability.


I think this is being kind.


His performance is to be expected. Will give a good game on average around once every 5/6 games, but usually otherwise rubbish.


Quote. Career


Can’t wait for his next good one at round 22 and everyone to excuse his month and a half leading up to it.


This. A decade of this is what is normal. Is nothing if not consistent in this regard.