#23 David Myers


And then we get all those posters rubbing it in our faces…“See? He hasn’t been rubbish for a decade!”


Developing nicely


Keep playing Myers to vindicate his draft selection ahead of Cyril Rioli


Did a few nice things in the packs, his ability to get the ball in a pack, stand up in a tackle and kick forward is very good. Apart from that he doesn’t have a lot of tricks

Sadly he doesn’t have the agility or speed to keep up with the opposition on the spread directly after a stoppage. On the rebound he gets killed.


The way we play the game has gone passed him.


Knock to the calf.



He just needs a run games in him…


Woosha said he got kick in calf and was limited for most of game hence had to play him fwd and out of goal square at times which never happens.

Not a great game for him at all but clearly was hampered.


Can’t carry Lang Myers hepp in same midfield

Get executed on rebound


He has a history of this. I recall a 6-8 week knock to the calf about 8 years ago


Got kicked in the calf very late in 3rd qtr. Did SFA before that


Drop one and bring in Parish.


Was before that I think.

Had spent a long time on the bench in Q3 much earlier and only came on when Heppell went off with the blood rule.

My brother, sitting next to me at the game, had commented just before then that eh thought Myers was injured because he had been off for so long.


“Ohhh the pain, the pain, “ he has another year on his contract. What I wouldn’t give to make this spud captain of the VFL team.

He’s been massively overrated since day 1. I know his draft pick isn’t his fault, but FFS any other club would have delisted him by now.

Myers will not be part of the the next EFC premiership team ( and farck knows when that will be). It’s time to let him play out his contract in the VFL and start developing some kids.

Our year is done, let’s see some kids cause short term we are going nowhere with Myers, Colyer, Green, Brown etc.

I’m ready for the criticism to come but honestly you all know I’m right.


The Bombers also lost Patrick Ambrose to a hamstring injury, while Jake Stringer and Travis Myer played out the game with calf muscle problems.




Wait for them to come for him again next week.


Was pretty good tonight.


When we’re controlling the midfield he looks good/ok. When it’s a tussle or we’re losing his deficiencies really come to the fore. He’s obviously not on his own there, but it’s really time to see if a kid can do the job better in my opinion.