#23 David Myers


If he had something resembling a competent kick on his non-preferred how much better would he be?Fine when he receives within easy access of his left, if not he slows us down trying to manoeuvre onto his preferred side. Yesterday no such issues, was very good and to be honest his past month has been well worth his spot in the side.


Please explain to me why this guy is still getting a game?

This is the second game out of 3 that this guy has been so utterly cancerous around the ball or general play that they have tried to hide him up forward before the end of the first quarter.






1 more year.


He’s so useless, god bless him.


Farking Hoof


Hate that haters


It’s pretty funny/ironic that the match-sealer from Myers was an attempted centre kick that he stuffed up, considering how bad our goal kicking was all day


maybe our forwards should start trying to centre it more often, maybe the goals will start flowing?


No more please.


Holding his spot in the side.


How did I know it was black kavanagh to bump the Myers thread with bad feedback. So predictable. Are you Langfords manager or something. Myers was just as bad as Langford


don’t we do any type of lateral vision or spatial awareness training at the club?
surely the coaches and him notice it each week in his game review where he stuff ups because of his lack of awareness


Did you see Walla touching the ball to the ground and get caught holding the ball


Funny, perhaps, but it’s hardly ironic that Myers missed his intended target by 20-30 metres.


Lol, Langford has much more upside than Myers does, lets just hope he gets at least half the chances Myers has had


Top 20 in the comp for centre clearances per game, top 40 for overall clearances per game, top 50 for inside 50s per game

And the side which was -2 for clearances per game last year is now +2.4

He’s not a match winner
And does it ugly
And we all hope Clarke pushes into that spot ahead of him.

But that doesn’t diminish that he’s playing a role, an important one at that.


… he was a match winner on sat I thought, regardless if he meant to kick that goal. He stood up big time in the last quarter after a forgettable game and had a bunch of key clearances. In three of our last five games he’s been in our best 7-8 players.

Starting to play some consistent football and plays a role that we have very little depth in.


I agree he is good at winning clearances. But the issue is the quality of his clearances. It would be interesting to see what our retention rate is after a Myers clearance. I would hazard a guess that many of them are blind kicks around the corner that fall into the oppositions hands.

If you are giving up clean possession after a clearance, then you may as well concede the clearance and look to slingshot off half back. The flip side is how well players cover the spread when the opposition win the clearance.

I’m not convinced that the net worth of Myers playing in the middle is a win. It certainly can’t be accurately measured by looking at raw clearance stats.


I said at the start of the season we really are relying on him to play well, I still think that’s true.

I have also been one of his biggest critics this year, but I can’t deny he has not been that bad the last period. He is certainly best 22 at the moment. I also think he could - maybe - build from this for a decent 2019.

But he could also do a hammy and stink it up for 6 weeks when he returns.