#23 David Myers


17% turnover rate for Myers
Heppell is 19%, Smith is 20.3%, Zerrett is 16.3%

69.9% disposal efficiency for Myers
69.9% for Hepp, 69.8% for Zerrett, 66.5% for Smith

To the naked eye it does look like Myers is a lot more eager to get the ball onto the boot early on in a clearance. I’d suggest that’s not the hanging offence Blitz thinks it is.


I’d prefer not to use Heppell as the benchmark for clean disposal! At least, the 2018 version.


There should be a separate “Player Hate” thread where the really nasty stuff can reside instead of a general thread about a player. That way, you know where to go if you want to read hateful dribble and contribute hateful dribble and uninformed stupidity. That would then leave the player name thread for fans and constructive critics.


He sure does a lot of pointing at the stoppages.


Funny you say that i’m interested to know who people feel more comfortable with ball in hand, Myers cops a lot of flak but i’d prefer him with ball in hand than Heppell, at least he punches it hard and gets distance on his kicks.


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Interesting that Smith has the worst turnover rate of the four.
For all the love on Blitz for him, one area of his game I hope he can improve is a tendency for bad turnovers- not turnovers from trying the risky option (Merrett) or even those that just miss the target (Heppell).
He frustratingly tends to blast long blind kicks forward or handball back into traffic/ the opposition when there are better options.

Part of Woosha’s learning process I hope.

In passing, Myers actually hand balled off for a goal on Saturday “Using His Right Hand”.
Had to watch it twice to believe it.


That’s why he’s such a great leader. Courageous use of the like by Hodgey.


All of this is part and parcel of a post I made a few weeks back in one of the coach/coaching threads

Myers is playing a vital role in a much, much improved midfield. For the first time since Jobe was really at his best in 2012-14, we’re actually regularly coming out on top in clearances. We’re defending better than we ever did then. We’ve got better depth than we had then. We’ve got better runners than we had then.

There’s still an issue with turnovers - and Myers is certainly not the solution to that - but let’s give credit where due. It’s actually, as a group and a unit, working.


Isn’t Myers main issue lack of defensive pressure i.e. doesn’t run both ways.

Blind freddy can see he’s effective at clearances … it’s why he gets a friggin game.


Thanks for that. Really interesting.

Is that turnover rate from stoppages or does it include general play?


It’s everything, I don’t know if anyone even tracks it specifically to stoppages, if they do, it’s a paid one.


More agility.
If he can catch anyone, he’s a good tackler and his actual physical size means they generally stay tackled.
But he has shocking agility for a midfielder. Gets burnt on the first step a lot.

He’s actually weirdly fast when he winds up.


As a renowned Myers sledger I have to admit he’s doing enough to earn his spot ATM. I’ve even been pleasantly surprised by his contribution as a hit up high forward when rotating.

My sense is, and I haven’t looked at the data, that he is playing less as a first possession player at stoppages and more in the Hocking blocking/defensive role.

He’s been helped in recent times by us being able to dictate field position in several games which hasn’t exposed his lack of ability a acceleration.

The mark kick game suits him quite will because it hides that same weakness.


You would think that these things are analysed quite intensively by the coaches - right?


Thanks Deckham, didn’t consider that. Sometimes I forget that the coaches are always right despite your constant reminders.


Well now you’re just being a ■■■■ head.
I was being nice.
You made a statement about specific stats - I gave a suggestion - no need to be farking ■■■■ about it.


Really? I read your post as a smart ■■■■ comment. Does anyone really think that coaches don’t closely scrutinize clearances?

You seem to bristle whenever someone questions the wisdom of our coaches. I think you’re being a bit disingenuous here.


I think Myers main issue is he hasn’t really shown a lot in any other position than midfield. When Myers is rested in defence he can’t defend above his head. When he go’s forward he can’t take a contested mark. Really want to see him get his hoof back so at least when he’s rested on the forward flank he can dob them from outside 50.


Yeah. Maybe.

No stats to back this up but I feel like when he’s at a centre bounce if we don’t win the ball the opposition are a high chance of a fast & direct takeaway straight through the centre.