#23 David Myers


I thought we weren’t allowed to use stats?



I wonder if EFC match committee can’t use proven match fitness as a reason for selection…


He’s still got the hoof. Sent a couple sailing through recently.


l prefer the hoof, to the Hoff, any day.


He’s gonna have a lot of kids snapping at his heels next year, that’s for sure.


And that’s before adding in any draftees or free agents


He seems to be spending more time lurking around half forward. His heat maps for the last couple of games have looked like this. I like it… gives him a chance to use his only weapon - the hoof.


you know that heatmap is suss because it doesn’t show his possession where he hoofed the goal from the boundary


It’s from last week’s game but this week’s looks similar (I just couldn’t be bothered screen shotting it from the AFL app :slight_smile:)


Guelfi is playing a very different role
Same for Laverde because he’s never played much inside mid.

Myers’ form has been ok, but we really need him to become a depth player next year


You’re right Myers and Colyer should hopefully be out of the starting 22 by the end of next year and both of those guys could be developed to take over David’s role. Guelfi might not have to change what he is doing. Laverde is the one with the best potential to play Myers role imo, he has been playing on ball recently in the two’s with encouraging results.




Yeah but it’s not the same, I think he has another 20m to go until he reaches full hoof.


Once seen, cannot be unseen, no matter if it is obscene.


The heatmap may also expose his lack of defensive running. If he had another couple of kicks from the defensive half each quarter, he might be the mid he was supposed to be.


True - but that’s been the whole side for about 15 years!!

I think our defensive intensity has lifted significantly the last 8-9 weeks, it’s about where it needs to be now


Or the other reason his heat map looked like that is that he got a kick to the calf 2 weeks ago and was stationed predominantly forward due to limited movement.


And they also played him fwd more last week after Smack went off as a taller target/needing to keep players out in field as much as could for rotations.


Jeebus that’s disturbing…


l’ll say.


It seems to me that those calling for Myers to be dropped, if not from the team immediately, then from the best twenty-two as soon as possible, need to show us some of their ‘runs on the board’, as to their expertise. You know, similar pontificating previously posted and proven correct. You know what? It will not happen because you are clueless and have never, ever been right.