#23 David Myers


If such evidence of successful pontification is produced, would you then agree that Myers needs to be dropped immediately?


No, of course not but I would be forced to respect their opinion, which is definitely not a requirement at the moment.


Ok, but you’ll probably need a percentage figure.

They might point to the one thing they got right, but ignore the 100 they got wrong.




I’m here aren’t I?


Nice bloke David. And he’s doing alright at the moment, but I still think the way we play has gone past him now.


Didn’t you say that Carlisle was gonna stay?

Pfft, I wouldn’t be listening to this bloke.


I once picked a Melbourne Cup winner in a sweep.

Game. Set. Match.


Also said Hurley was a defender. :sunglasses:


So you’re saying Hird’s an idiot then?


I think we all agree that we would be a better side if Myers was forced out by someone better. But in the absence of that someone better he is an integral part of the team.


We would be a better side if ANYONE was forced out by someone better!


We need Zerrett to be forced out




I’m so sick of hearing this opinion on “good blokes” “leaders” blah blah blah. Imagine the state of the club after the saga if we had 22 Carlisle’s or Ryder’s. Personally I like that the recruiter look for these traits.


Been really good the first half so far. So has Langford


And THAT is how you farkin use a Myers.




good stuff here


My favourite player.

Hoofs. Leads. Clearances.