#23 David Myers


Ripper game! Good on him.


what a goal


He is having his break out year.


That reaction is why I watch footy.


He’s never going to be Darren Jarman, but he’s got to a point where he’s good enough with ball in hand that you still need to mind him, or he’ll hurt you.

He always cracks in, and always gets his clearances and tackles and his his 18 or 20 touches.
But he’s also now bobbing up with important goals, goal assists, and even bounces. Just enough of a worry that you need from your second tier mids. That depth in midfield is building beautifully.


Really he was incredible tonight. He was releasing hand balls from congestion like never before and was huge in containing the influence of Kennedy and Parker around the contest. He’s actually making himself hugely important to our prospects for the rest of the year right now.


Man he’s so important. I wanted him gone forever eight weeks ago, but boy he loves a clearance.


Break out game.


Best game I have seen him play. Well done.


25 disp
15 Cp
11 up
7 clearances
7 tackles
1 goal 3 behinds


I’m aware of his limitations, but I just really like Myers. He loves the club and his teammates and always gives his all. When we are a little light on big, tough midfielders he is a lot more important for us than he might be at many other clubs.

Poor ■■■■■■■ has had very little luck through his career. I’d love to see him be a 150+ game player and get the love and respect from our supporters in the latter part of his career that he seems to have from his coaches and teammates.


I farking love him
Hoofing all day long


Yeah, props. I hope he has six career-best games this year.


Great game! Knows his role


Kudos. I got this wrong. I thought he should never play again. Glad he has more belief in himself than I gave him. Role player and playing it well.


Get around him.


I use to think he was a legit bust.

Now i live in a world where Trump is president, Richmond are the reigning premiers, Rioli has retired and David ‘Hoof’ Myers is a seriously good player.

WTF is going on?


I know he hasn’t ‘delivered’ this as much as we had hoped over his career- but I am just so pleased he is demonstrating some of those extraction skills- which were summarily dismissed as a strength by many blitzers.

He has always had very good (not elite) but high level handball to advantage from congestion- I think the young folk call this ‘stoppage craft’ these days. Anyway, he was great- let’s squeeze 3 more years out of him (and a flag).


The bandwagon I’ve been on for years is, all of a sudden, starting to become very crowded.

Great game by Myers, he is so important to how our midfield functions.


How will Cyril Rioli go this weekend?

Oh yeah…