#23 David Myers


Already played longer than 2 blokes draft before him, the one after him and Cyril!..
He is going just fine!!!



Onya Dave.


Seems to play well at Etihad


You can only work with what you’ve got!!!
Can’t get blood out of a stone!!


He was always aggresive at the contest, often got to the ball first but would panic or rush the disposal out of congestion. You just knew the ball would sail over his head on the rebound.

Now in 2018, he digs in, side steps, raises the arms and draws the tackle. He has the acute skill of releasing over the midfield congestion to a clear path.

If he gets his hands to the ball our outside runners are licking their lips cos they know the blitz is on.

Just a damaging beast of an inside mid.


There are a lot of Blitzer posters that need to suck a lot of Myers ■■■■!!!


so we’re at 4 good games for the year in a season of 23 rounds. astounding.


Are you seriously about 12yo?


yes smd fam.


Reckon thats the best he has played since about 2012/2013. Was fantastic tonight




Earlier in the season there were games where we would have been better off a man down than have him in. He is a proud man and he would of known that. Many would have crumbled under that pressure but he backed himself in, played to his strengths and has earned his spot. He will always have his limitations (there’s guys in the no arm league that could handball better) but his playing a role that the team requires and he is playing it well. We are becoming a mentally tough team I reckon, finally starting to see a bit of the Woosha on field personality in the boys.


Myers owed the Swans one
Tippet injured his should badly a few years ago in a tackle



Usually whenever he is in this kind of form, he gets a season ending injury, knock on wood.

Now that Cyril is retired, do we start comparing him to Dangerfield??


Was that hoof goal another helicopter floater?

Was a ripper goal.


I don’t think so. Looks like he struck it beautifully


Watched David closely last night. Played a selfless team role to shut down Kennedy influence… who only got 1 posession in the last by the way. David got 25 himself with a great goal and 5 clearancrs. His best game all round for a number of years. He is much more valuable to the side on the things stats don’t pickup than gets credit for.


Yep, loved the way he just slowly but surely ground Kennedy down through the first three quarters - doesn’t get stats but just worked him over with heavy blocks, tackles, shoves, etc until Kennedy just disappeared from the game and we reaped the rewards.


His best ever game for us