#23 David Myers


Has to be done …


Remember when we signed up DM on a 3 year contract & the majority of Blitz had a meltdown saying it was the worst list management decision since signing up Shotgun William from the Hawks?


Ok… so… whilst some of my flaming was deserved on the first few games he played this year, he is now transitioned into career best form… hats off to him…

I loved that goal of his when his man ran to the interchange… that was very Essendon of Sydney and could only laugh… loved it… shifty f***er

I best make my way over to the Hurley thread now


Some of the derision when he was down, was totally out of line. He deserved a bit more respect.
Hopefully he can keep it going and get another contract, 2 years would do it.


He’s playing his role. And; I have to say while eating a big chunk of humble pie, David is playing well.
Good on him. He played a good game against the Swans. We are a team that is really coming together in many more ways. Standing up for each and not copping any rubbish or intimidation and really playing for each other and gaining more belief. We can do this. Go Bombers.


Was very very good

Hit passes perfectly

Kicked goals

Pushed the ball forward out of the stoppages

Great stuff David


I haven’t been his biggest fan, but has been playing well the last couple of months.
Good on him.


Great to see a player having a career renaissance. Hope he can keep it up stay injury free. A fit and firing Myers is a joy to behold.


ive been waiting for as long as a win against the swans to see him play this well…i like it!


Is this bloke crucial to our plans next season? I’d like to think so. Starting to get back to his best. Strong in the middle and a serious weapon around half forward. The way our development is going in the midfield he’s probably the weakest link but if he can stay fit he might round out the side perfectly. I really hope he’s there all season next year amd is part of a tilt at finals. Deserves it as much as anyone and really does fit well.


I just love the idea of having a centre contest mid who can kick over forward congestion for a score. Defeats hard, floody defence in tight situations. Serious weapon.


People talk as if Myers is doing something he’d never done before. He’s played plenty of similar quality games around 2011-14 or so, before getting injured in the opening seconds of 2015 and then being suspended for a year.


More needs to be said of that bluff to Florent going to the bench then hoofing it in from 55.


He cops it for hacking kicks forward from stoppages, but all the good sides are doing the same. If you can’t win clean possession, at least win territory.

The trick is to have a setup where we magically have a target where the kick is (roughly) headed.


Woaaahhh there Stander. You’re going all Xav/Woosha on us there.


This is pretty spot on actually. Richmond’s game plan is wholey predicated around getting the ball forward by any means to a structure and contest that allows them to lock the ball in for repeat opportunities.


That’s all Tom Mitchell does 40 times a game and everyone thinks he is elite.


Hawks have won < 50% of games when Mitchell racks up 40+ possessions if I recall correctly.

I think the stat I read, a week or two back, was that they had only won 5 games from 12 when it occurred.


Recently turned 29. Like to think he’s got another 3-4 good years left. Like Dave said, having spent so much time off the field has rejuvenated his enthusiasm for the game and he’s playing accordingly


Yes, and until the last few weeks it was.