#23 David Myers


Your one of those bipolar blokes on here that says trade/delist when someone has a couple of ordinary games & then wants to cup their balls after they play a couple of good games.

What, do you have the attention span of a gnat!

He is a good solid player when he has had a good run at it, no more, no less. If he hadn’t been pick 6 (not his fault) he wouldn’t get any attention


I’ve held the view the deal was bad from the outset, but hes come good the past month and a bit. What do you want me to say? If he continues his form then my negativity will be found to be unwarranted.


Credit where it’s due - he’s elite.


I’d be happy for him to be getting 40 touches for us.


Hawks have won 6 of 10 when Mitchell had racked up 40+.


Can anyone else in the league kick a helicopter punt kick like this guys from outside 50m that you can bet your house on?

Nope, didn’t think so.


I’m going to give him another few weeks, good or bad, before I pass judgement. He’s had a poor first half of the year, he still has time to make it a good second half of the year. The Sydney game was a great game.


He might well have those 3-4 good years left in him, fingers crossed. Does he have the pace to match?


Someone who seemed to know was suggesting that he was retiring and returning to WA at the end of his contract next year.


He’s 29 going on 35 I reckon.


Agree to a large extent. He is still of good value, but to get a new contract beyond 2019 he needs to maintain this rich vain of form that he is in now, to compensate for not getting any quicker, between now and then.


major part of why we lost today was myers inability to keep within even 2 metres of any hawk once the ball left his general area

absolute passenger


Myers says for you to…oh wait… this wasn’t his good game for the month? Carry on…


Season now over, time to give Langford a stint in Davids spot


Plays a bad game, we loose.

I don’t like that we are so dependent on a guy so unreliable.


The problem with disposal stats is it doesn’t recognise where they go. I watched the replay of last week and he wasn’t that good, just better than normal. In the case of Davie quick kick forward with no thought is a disposal. He was shocking today, and has been for his career except for a couple of OK games. They got so many goals by rebounding today from his “throw it on the boot” mentality is was ridiculous.


We coughed the ball up to a Hawk defender or a three on two, it was ridiculous. Not sure anyone out at TruValu has hit on the notion of “lowering the eyes”. If they are aware of it, our blokes dont have the talent to execute.
18 years since a flag and a long long way to go.


What happened after 15 in the first? Essendon were doing a Hawthorn, lowering the eyes and hitting targets, putting pressure on the ball carrier and then it all fell apart


Yeah you probably don’t recognise it but thats called coaching. Good coaches make moves & change things to alter the way the game is going.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


In the first half he had a couple opportunities where the quick handball to an overlapping smith/conor were the option, instead tried to strength his way onto his premeditated left peg and did a useless kick forward that came back with insurance.

this sort of decision making costs us a fair bit.