#23 David Myers


He has no plans to play beyond 2019 regardless of how well the team is tracking or his own personal form.



Etihad specialist.




Dominant tonight


So pleased for him, career best form.


Great game. Those long kicks were awesome today


Great game, in my votes. Probably his best season (?), still up and down.

The roost over the shoulder can still be frustrating, but credit to him with a decent run at it.

Happy for him.


Hoof farking Hoof

Sorry for the delay but my two precious bundles of joy arrived today :heart:️:heart:️


Fantastic game. Easily best on ground for me.

History says his form will fall off a cliff next week


One of his best games for the club and right up there with that purple patch he played in the early saga years.

Still one sided, still slow but if he finds a way to impact… then just another dimension. let’s hope he can get a decent run at a preseason and have a solid year to finish his career.


Get your priorities straight!!
Congratulations (on picking the right side to follow, and whatever else you got happening I guess)


They did right by me. Arrived in the morning and let me watch the most of the game


FLAMIN loves a clearance


Good game tonight!


Back to his best again… You ripper! We need him.


Get around him.




His kicking was supreme tonight


Was best of field.

Absolute gun