#23 David Myers


looks alright when given time to kick to a teammate


Never seen anything like it from him. Set shot was superb.


That has to be his best game for us. All night he was in there winning the ball, then when he was able to sink the slipper into it he was kicking 70m darts! Those set shot goals were as sweet as anything you’ll see. Especially the 2nd. I sit Medallion side wing, top level. Never looked like missing as soon as it left the boot.


Quite frankly it is a bit annoying not being able to call for him to be dropped for weeks.

Stop playing good football David.


One of the few not cooked at the end.


Myerseee uncooked


Fark Shiel :yum:


Awesome 70 meter player… every second week.
Great game.


Good call, he was still running and working hard at the end while everyone else looked out on their feet. Must be extremely fit


Put him out to pasture as a leading Lucas type forward in his twilight years.
If they do that kind of thing anymore.


Best game for the club.
Farkin annoying how the body hasnt held up.

And maybe Laverde needs to be given more time cause that boy has had no continuity as well.


We are fast running out of scapegoats.

What will become of us?


Love a good escape goat.


We’ll be a top team.

This (sadly) is actually a breakout season for him. Best season so far


Never doubted him


I did.
Good to see him playing some good footy these past few months.


Myers >>>>>> Rioli


Given he has had the injuries but not the physical contact he could be a late bloomer and his body may hold up better than we all expect. He may only just be reaching his peak for the first time.


I loved Dave’s game last night.


And he’s had no speed to lose over the years either so his drop off won’t be as noticeable in that respect because that’s not why he gets a game. He gets a game because he’s big and can hoof it.