#23 David Myers


He has gone to another level since Cyril retired

I don’t believe in coincidences.


This guy seems to have a lot of “career best games” for a supposed spud


Best form of his career if he keeps this up could easily play for another 2 years


He was great last night, strong in the contest, won clearances and his kicking was sublime. Now do it 2 weeks in a row.


It’s not a very big base.


Plus 2 crucial set shot goals!


Why hasn’t @chris_64 posted the Champion Data table yet???

I need to know if this was his third best-game-ever for the year!


thats saved for monday to wednesdays during the week DJR, keep up.


But we played DAYS ago!


Since the unspeakable Carlton game our midfield has been our unlikely savior. We have been beating team almost by flooding our own forward 50. The issue comes when teams like the Hawks reduce that inside 50 differential. Then we become dependent on the efficiency of the forwards.
Myers has been great. And is slowly bring that left foot weapon to bare. Even last year we could see that the coaching panel were encouraging him to have shots from outside the 50. He has been pretty good, could be better, but he’s been pretty good. He has certainly been that big bodied midfielder we have been crying out for the last couple of years.


Count #2367


yeah yeah…but that’s almost all this board has talked about for a couple of years now. Now we have what we want. We should recognize it. Next week will be a bid test, though. The three losses we have had over the last 10 or so weeks are to sides who have been able apply pressure on us and slow the rate the ball has gone into our forward line or reduced the quality of the entries. That is what we have to improve on. And Myers will be at the core of the improvement in that area.


my two thoughts:

  1. v v happy for Myers. I had a quiet one with one of the lead characters in the Saga a couple of years back- he told me he was most sorry for Myers out of the group - as he is such a quality person and great guy. Sheds light on the high esteem he’s always held in the inner sanctum.
  2. I hope he can be as effective against a team with better pressure (this Fri night would be great…) where there is less time to get on to the preferred left, spot up players etc.


Do shots at goal count as metres gained?

I’m curious to know his metres gained per kick average.


David Myers breakout season?


Maybe there’s a lesson here vis-a-vis Laverde?


Well Dave, against the Hawks you went missing but excelled against the Swans so you can perform against the big boys. Need another 25+ possie, 2 goal game to give your team any chance against the Tiges.


Don’t tell me, this should be the base line for any of Myer’s games going forward & if he doesn’t achieve that, he has failed miserably.

Probably has been said how fourteen zillion times this year in this thread, after any number of games where Myers has had a few kicks & clearances.

This is the base line, don’t fall below it- What a crock of shitt


Or ‘Myers best game for the club’.


The thing about Myers game that struck me more in this game than any other I have seen him play was demonstration of a number of instances of the football intelligence that people have long been saying he posesses. We are used to Hepp and Zerret finding space at critical moments . Myers did exactly that and his 29 disposals were a lot more damaging than Seb Ross racking up numbers doing triangular handball drills on the flanks while our defence set up to intercept them.