#23 David Myers


This is Myers time to make his name. A massive 6 weeks of footy that he’s had inside him for all these years.


I liked seeing him yelling at Hurley and a couple of other defenders at one point to say hey, there’s no point switching the ball again, you have lots of options, move it forward


One thing about Myers that’s really obvious is that he’s our most vocal player around stoppages outside of BJ.

Hepp is good at the quiet stuff but Myers is more of that general type, barking orders, hyping people up. Makes a massive difference on field, as dumb as it sounds that sort of stuff really lifts a team

Great to see him up and about and great to see that he’s using his hoof as a weapon again


Point 2 has always been the big issue though. Can he be damaging against well drilled defences that know (and actually execute) to shut down his left side. Against the really top pressure sides he seems to slip back to the “grab ball and hoof it 45m blindly downfield” mode which doesn’t help.

That and injuries have robbed him over creating consistency through a season, never mind over a career.

Our two best patches of “team form” over the last 10 years have both been when this guy is up and firing… which either shows he is an x-factor, is just that good OR how desperately we needed an inside mid. I like to think a little of each.


Potentially a breakout game coming up, as Dave channels Joey and hoofs some sausage rolls from the edge of the centre square.

Just woke up. Dreaming again.


Hey, what did I do?


Sweet. Only seven more years before we can get some value out of Lav!


Fair go mate.
It’s been 11 years with you, and we’re still waiting.


I’m already in decline so don’t expect improvement any time soon.


Going to need to be a serious game with scoreboard involvement from his royal Hoofness.


I reckon he’s due for a breakout game. Allready had 4 this season, but this will be the real one.


I’m so glad that Myers…oh wait, he didn’t show up for 2 weeks in a row again?

Oh well, he was pretty good for 4 games this year.


Good against ■■■■ sides

Crap against good teams too slow


Give Myers a little respect and do some homework and he struggles to damage. I was spewing his hoof couldn’t get it 30 meters to Smith in an open goal square.


It was strange, both him and Stringer couldn’t kick and they are both normally long and strong kickers.


Inferred pressure does that to you. Even when you have time you don’t.

So many rushed kicks by everyone last night.


Richmond were all over him, as soon as he had the ball he had 3 or 4 hanging off him and he has always taken his time to get it on the boot.


Tigers swarm over everyone who has the ball.


Did any of our mids have genuinely good games? Smith probably the best, but he turned it over plenty too. A very tight and scrambly game.


doesn’t play well at the g, maybe it’s because all his rehab over the years has been on the etihad oval…