#23 David Myers


He’s got a ground to train on now that is the same as the G… Time to practice.




Unfortunately myers doesn’t have a lot of tools to negotiate that


Not many players do


His last game was pretty pox, again. Just about further proves the 1 good in every 5 rule. He’s the first out the door as soon as we get an upgrade through trade.



Myers will never be delisted.

He will however retire when the time is right. The time is not yet right.


“Retiring” or “delisting”, it’s mostly the same thing these days.

He’s an average plodding performer who gets the fans seduced by his good game every now and again and people make excuses for because he’s had injuries and they like saying HOOF. Oh and because our inside stakes are dire for the time being until Langford/Parish continue their development.

He played 16 games this year. I reckon he had good games against Brisbane, Sydney and St.Kilda. The rest were mediocre with his first few months extremely bad, and the rest poor to average.

If we get Shiel he’ll be spending a lot of time in the VFL next year until his contract runs out.


I reckon in this instance first out the door means he’s out of the best 22 for next season. I’d be surprised if he plays on past next season. He’d be a good coach for the youngsters in the VFL next season


You must watch Essendon games, just waiting for Myers to make a mistake so that you can come on here and throw the same tired pot shots around


He played very well against the Kangas, particularly early when we were behind !
25 disp. at 96% eff
10 contested
5 clearances
2 long goals


I reckon people who doubt Myers place might want to listen to Harvey talking his value is @CJohns podcast



He was better than average in 7 of his last 11 games and was in our top few in 3-4 of them.

He had 4 games when he was underpar and we lost three of them.

His start to the season was ■■■■■.

I think he could be a significant contributor next season and if he gets forced out of the side by someone better it only improves us.


Wait a minute, so it’s OK to have idiots post gifs saying “I told you so” after every one of his 4 good games, but from his mostly other mediore/bad games we’re not allowed to comment on a players form? Even tho if you actually looked back in the thread you’d see me acknolwedge his good games.

But you’re right I just wait all day so I can get idiots waiting to defend the man no matter what so he can get some cheap like votes because it’s more popular instead of actually talking about the players form and trying to have any decent string of conversation about his form? How was he the last few weeks? I’d love him to show what he can show once every month but until we move past him or develop other players like Langford in his place we’ll remain a mediocre club, just like we’ve been for the past 15 years.


Righto then, 4 good games in 16, my mistake.


He was average at best, I’d say well below, against Richmond, Port Adelaide and Hawthorn, so 3 of the last 5 games. Reckon he was average at best for the 3 games before the Sydney game. And lets not get started on his first 5-6 weeks of the year until he was dropped.

He may be the answer next year, but also at 30 years of age it may be time to get a dose of reality and move past him.


He wasn’t dropped at any point.
He missed the first 2 weeks injured.
Played rounds 3 to 5.
Was rested in round 6 because of the short break.
Played rounds 7 and 8 then missed 2 weeks with injury.
Incidentally, to this point he’d had one good game against Port in round 4. I think it’s hard to argue any of his other games were average or better.

Then he came back in the VFL for one game, then played against Brisbane in round 12 and was pretty good and didn’t miss another game.

I think you’re being very harsh on his form over the second half of the year. He’s no star but he was solid and important to many of our wins.
Having said that, I really hope he gets overtaken and becomes a depth player for next season.

Edit: if he has an injury free off-season I really doubt any of the blokes on the list at the moment will overtake him, so he’ll only go out of the best 22 if he gets injured or we trade someone in.


This seems a perennial debate. Comes the next year and Myers is back in the team. Crazy_Bomber is entitled to his opinion but the coaches don’t seem to agree with him. Smith and Stringer haven’t pushed Myers out of the team. I also find this debate surprising given that post round 8 the midfield unit was one of the best in the league.
Does the argument finish come round 1 2019 and Myers is selected in the team?


IMO he gets a spot. Dunno quite yet who pushes him out, which is a sad commentary on the strength of our mids.

One might suggest Begley, but hes coming from a long way back, and was borderline 22 to begin with.


Right and where did we finish again? I think it’ll be more interesting come Round 23 2019 and if Myers is still in the team? if we’re top 4 or doing very well they hey, maybe at the age of 30 he’s turned himself around from the one good in every four or five games guy. I think most likely if he’s still in the side we’ll be a medicore team just like we’ve been the past 15 years. We needed him against Hawthorn, Collingwood and Richmond games and he was nowhere, those were the games. He beat up on mostly awful opponents in St.Kilda/North/Brisbane.

I reckon if he’s still in the side come end of next year that’ll say more about our development and position on the ladder.


For me I’m hoping they use Langford permanently in whatever spot Myers is having and then trade in someone else (Shiel?) or from free agents. We have Parish/McGrath etc all that can get more midfield time.