#23 David Myers


I agree crazy bomber. The sooner we move past Myers the closer we will be to a contender for top 4. He’s wildly inconsistent for a ten year player. The way Langford, Parish, McGrath, Smith etc are developing as a unit, it may not be long before he’s squeezed out. We probably need a Laverde or Stringer to spend more time there in order to do that (before knowing any trades we may complete of course) and I think Begley & Mynott May also be developed into a contested style mid although they’re likely a couple years away yet.


Whilst in principal I entirely agree.

But his late season form was pretty good and with another full preseason and confidence he may just surprise. Because when he plays his best he is actually very good and very damaging. We just rarely see it and his worst is a real stinker that costs us games.


oh my


So after 11 or so pre seasons, you think next season is going to be the one that David finally puts it all together?

I agree that Myers put in some good performances towards the second half of the year, however I still think his form was still a little all over the shop. I can’t recall two good games in a row.


Breakout year!!


That’s fair. As long as you have that pass mark. My demands aren’t as stringent as yours. Come mid Sept 2019 and David Myers is part of Essendon team that has won a final. To me that’s a pass mark and conversations like this should be put to bed.
To be clear, you have your opinion and I am fine with that. As long as you have a barometer of what is successful that could be applied to any team member.


Average player but best 22 at present. I used to say we will be a good side when Howlett stops getting games (because we have superior options). When the bottom end of our best 22 is good enough to push out the likes of Myers, Colyer etc so they don’t even get a look-in, we will be a far better side for it.


How many coaches has Myers had?
How many of those coaches didn’t have him in their 22?
I don’t know any coaches who pick players based on good bloke factor so what’s he doing right?


I think maybe 4? (Knights/Hird/Thompson/Worsfold)
And how many finals did we win under those coaches?
How many times did we finish top 4?
How was the state of our midfield throughout this time?

Instead of how many coaches selected him in their best 22, think how many games in a row has he actually played at his best? Very few. We’ve had one of the worst midfields for the past decade so him getting games when there are few other options says nothing to me? Look on actual consistent performance not how many coaches think he’s best 22.

Remember Hennemen, Bolton, Murphy were all regulars at one stage, many players continuously get games? Now don’t confuse me saying I don’t think he can’t play well, I’m saying at the age 30 he has nowhere near the consistent performance required.


I’ve been critical of Myers for many a year, but he was reasonable this season. Have an inklings he might go ok in the b&f too, given he’s done some defensive jobs throughout the season


Right now, l think he is in the same position as BJ. By that l mean it is up to younger players to show that they are able to offer more, going forward. If he is not selected in R1, 2019 due to increased competition and the exposed form of others, it means we will be in a pretty good spot.


I think the day where Myers is no longer required in our midfield is the day we take ourselves seriously as a competitor.

Whether that be from Langford, Parish, McGrath and our younger brigade coming through or be it from trades like Shiel or some free agents coming in. I think we have the kids and I think we can get also get some through trades.

On a positive note, he can do all the kick ins and replace Goddard.


yep this - in a side with a much better midfield he would have struggled to get games. I understand he provides that hard body in the contest and you need that type of player but his injuries and lack of big games in a row in recent years puts him in the middle of the pack. His long kick was his major weapon, but he wasn’t using it as often as he should have. Take that away and he is not that potent.


He only played 16 games, so he’s no chance of finishing in the top 10. 14 guys played more games. Looking at those list of names I’d be very surprised if he finishes ahead of any of them,

It will be interesting to see how his votes compare to guys like:

McKenna (18 games)
Zaka (17)
Langford (16)
Parish (15)
Guelfi (15)
Brown (14)
Fanta (13)

I think most on here would expect most of those 7 to finish ahead of Myers in the B&F…although Fanta had a couple of injury interrupted games in that 13, so he’s probably closer to 11 in reality.

It will certainly give us a good idea of where he sits in the coaches minds.


Aside from that BJ has been told he’s no longer required?


That was a given.


Sorry, not sure how to quote text from another thread.

Anyhow, in answer to your question…

No, Myers is certainly not a favourite round these parts.
At the risk of being dubbed a Myers fanboy, there are a select few who continually criticised the 3 year deal like it was the worst contract decision the club has made Post WW2.

Since he is playing some decent (not great) footy, plays in the Seniors whenever fit, is 1 of the few big bodied mids on the list ready for Seniors, and is coming into Year 3, it would be nice if some of the perpetrators of the hate came out said they might have got it wrong.

I’ve made it known previously that barnz is one of those.
Dunno, maybe I’m too sensitive ?


16 game season with 4 legit good games.

ok i was sooooo wrong.