#23 David Myers


Good on him

As an aside, he mentions he removed himself from the senior team last year for mental health reasons, but at the time many on here were frothing about how terrible our coaches are that players were forced to make the hard decisions the coaches couldn’t and drop themselves. There’s something to be said for not going off half cocked when you don’t know the full story, because things are not always what they seem from the outside.


Unfortunately, dickheads will be dickheads.


Good bloke is Dave. He’ll be fighting for a spot with a lot of other guys next year, but if he puts in the top-level performances that we saw a few of from last year then he’s going to be hard to knock out of the team. Hope he has a great year.


A late bloomer

Kicked some crazy goals one against Sydney where he fooled Florent haha


Must be ready for his break out year!!


Injury free,he is more than servicable as a big bodied mid.

Just shovel out the hard ball to the little fellas Dave,and you have a spot.


Well said. I hope he didn’t ever read Blitz.


I’m not sure how this changes anything? His form was poor, he dropped himself because of it. Coaches should have done it for him.


Yes I agree. He has come back in best ever condition in my opinion, with no off season surgeries or complaints and has looked very good at training.

It will be very hard to keep him out of the team


With Shiel coming in I think it’s the complete opposite tbh.


Did you even read what he said? It changes everything. His form was poor because he was battling mental demons. He dropped himself to deal with them probably with the knowledge and blessing of the coaches. Then when his health improved, his form followed.


Yes, hoe does that change it? He was in poor form. Coaches should have dropped him. What caused his poor form was irrelevant.


l have explained it once, no point in saying any more.


I had a quiet one about a year ago with one of the key SAGA figures.
He was talking about how he felt the worst for David Myers because he’s such a quality person. couldn’t talk highly enough of him.
I guess it sheds light on why he’s held in such high regard inside the club even if he isn’t a star player and we often wonder here why he’s in the team/ on the list.


and that would of done wonders for his mental health, he probably thought it was temporary or momentary and was trying to deal with it on a daily basis. It takes a lot of courage to come forward and deal with mental health issues or to even realise it is mental. Being around his team and his support from team mates and supporters is what has helped.
I am sure he will be a lot stronger mentally for it as well.


I remember watching one of the reserves games at Windy Hill after he asked to be put down. I was standing by the interchange gates and was extremely happy with his attitude, constantly giving encouragement, positive reinforcement and directions to his teammates.

I’m not at all surprised he is held in very high regard around the club. There is more to being part of a team than mere stats.


Another reason we are gelling so well, our camaraderie, loyalty and becoming a real “family club”, this sought of stuff resonates success, we are a team that believes and will back each other, we have a good culture. Its not about me attitude its a real “US” attitude, I feel the men all have each backs and what we have been through, it will be hard to break us now.


You didn’t explain anything. I questioned how it changed anything and you just restarted what happened.


If you can’t see how mental health and outlook can affect form, then l can’t help you. Going on would be pointless, so this is the last word l will have on this subject.


im not saying it doesnt impact form at all. but im not sure the fact his form was poor due to mental health problems means the coaches not dropping him due to that poor form was the right decision.