#23 David Myers


I’m also on this side. Are we really saying if you have a mental illness, you can stay in the team forever? It should be treated like any illness or injury - between the player and the football club you hope it gets identified, and treated. If a player can play with it, great. But if its holding the team back, I’m not sure why you would keep the player in. I’m also not sure how keeping someone in the side with a mental illness where they know they’re hurting the sides’ chances is somehow good for them either.


Yeah, the players really do love the bloke as exemplified by the rapport between Smith and Myers. There’s a connection there and when a newbie like Smith waits and waits to help the bloke up from the ground during a game (against Port I think), it shows genuine care. There’s also, a certain dynamism about David that could very well go to another level in ‘19 as he better manages his “fragile” body and becomes more assured. I’m looking forward to him tearing a few games apart next year.


Time for the first 2019 post on Myers.

Impressed with his Blitz preseason form.
Another player who got better/ more entrenched in more Best 22’s by not actually playing a game.
Way to go David.
Early lead in the Blitz ‘Most Improved 2019’?


Missed him against Carlton if he was playing guys like Cripps and Walsh wouldn’t be getting a free run out of the middle.

Myers,Laverde,Heppel,Smith,Merret in the middle

Shiel,McGrath,Parish,Langford,Zaka on the outside.


Laverde in the middle?

FFS…he didn’t go to one centre bounce.


I know that but that’s where he should play


Your opinion.

I think if they want to play him in the midfield he needs to do it in the VFL for a while first.
Personally I think he’ll never be a mid


Myers is too slow to play at the centre bounces.


Did you miss him doing just that for the last ten years?


Actually he did.

He was matched on cripps for the first half of the 3rd qtr including center bounces.

And then a couple in the last qtr.


With the new centre bounces rules I think it’ll be too open and his pace will be exposed. Stoppages around the ground generally I think it’ll be ok


Or, given the new rules, when Belly taps it straight into his hands Myers will have more space himself to use that booming left foot.
Glass half full or glass half empty?


That particular glass was broken long ago.


I saw at the vfl practice match that Clarke was getting exposed by faster players at the center bounce. The extra space seems to reduce the contested aspect of the role. Time will tell, may just be practice match low contact style.


For me more space means the guys with the ball have more time and this suits “slower” players like David Myers.

In any case, doesn’t matter how quick you are if you cannot get your hands on the pill.


Didn’t he win most improved last year? If this trend continues…


It was out of him and Bags.


2018: David Myers breakout year.


FYI Myers was 12th in the league for average centre clearances last year. It’s where he does his best work.


Actually he did. Was on Cripps in a centre bounce