#23 David Myers


Cripps is slow but seems to have time to execute whereas Myers is probably a little faster but is generally rushed. Anyway, the comment on the speed of players and the 666 (symbol for the devil… AFL… devil… hmmm) rule is irrelevant in isolation. If your good enough (Cripps), your strengths far outweigh any perceived weakness/disadvantage)


That’s exactly where you play your slowest smalls?


Clarke is 188cm. ( 6ft 1 1/2 ) Its not like he is a nippy little rover
Myers is 191cm (6 ft 3) certainly not a nippy little rover
Rover size players ( Merret, McGrath, Parish ) will always expose these guys for speed.
On the other hand Myers and to a lesser extent Clarke can bump them out of the way when over the ball.


Why didn’t Myers play JLT1?


Wasn’t invited.


There’s still just as many people in the centre square as there was. Myers strength is his contesting one on one with other inside mids, not weaving through the waves of oncoming opposition, which will now be half a second behind.



At quarter time, a whole bunch of Essendon players happened to move into the seats around me…Myers appeared to be the most engaged in studying the game underway, and analysing the on-field set ups. He was pointing at areas of the ground and discussing it with primarily McNiece…I think he had some paper to take notes, and took off first at half time…Outwardly, all the players looked in good health.


Did there appear to be any inward darkness?


How do I see inner darkness?

(To be honest, I was surprised by how quiet the group was. No frustration at the way the game was unfolding, but also virtually no excitement when a player did something great, such as Mckenna ripping the game open or Tippa outsmarting his defender…so I didn’t get any scoops…I think Mutch commented that McGrath was a solid 82kgs now, and I heard them praising Walsh’s game, but that was it)


Hmmm, interesting.
Maybe there’s something I can learn from this.


Players don’t give two hoots about the JLT?


That’s because they’re losers.


That’s a given. I mean so many half drunk glasses getting about. Real men finish their beers.


See, I was thinking….“wow, excellent! so many half full glasses here!”


Ah, perfect if your the cheapskate avoiding the shout. “Who wants a beer”, just as everyone is allready nursing one.


Half the time, I just don’t do shouts.
The other half…well, same.


just listened to his interview on SEN from yesterday

Really impressed with this guy and can see why he was selected on the Leadership group


Seemed much more of the same corporate speak to me.

I guess that’s what footy is about now though.


Not really. If you want corporate speak, Xav is the finest exponent of it at the club and possibly in the whole AFL.


when referring to our JLT form i agree… but i was impressed with his context and view as a footballer in the greater landscape and that there is life outside of football