#23 David Myers


That was a great interview where he opened up on all aspects of his football and that’s what you took from it?


I get where you are coming from but I am more interested in the talk about footy.

All these guys are cardboard cutouts of each other now.

I remember when we signed Luke Ball this place wen t nuts about how much of a pro he is.

Who cares that we don’t actually know what he does.

Would love for a player to come out and say they are looking forward to smashing those pretenders from Sydney or some such thing.

Would make front page news for a year.


On the eve of the season couldn’t care less.


OK fair enough,… i dont agree at all but each to their own


You must be a lot of fun at parties.


Yeah, talking about my education at parties goes down well.

It’s like talking about real estate.


My memory of our reaction to this appointment is WAAAAAYYYY different to yours.


OK, Oliver, Ward, Beams, Kennedy, Cunnington, Selwood, Higgins All centre clearance guns . Right?

Right, David Myers is in there among them ! Needs to tackle about 2 more times a game and get 1-2 more clearances at stoppages to put him right up there amongst the best mids in the game. Mainly he needs to make his clearances more damaging. I am sure he has been working on that. Its a holy grail for all mids.


Yeah you are right.

Just looked through the thread and Nino? and a few of the predictable’s were talking up his appointment.

he does speak very well though does Ball.


Have I missed something, or has Myers gotten through the pre-season uninjured.


You didn’t just say that



Didn’t like the idea of playing him forward like we did in JLT 2. Would be liability up there


Welcome to the forum, Bomber-A.

Well - he’s 29 - so I guess he’s being given an opportunity to spend more time forward - as lots of older mids tend to do. He does have a decent hoof on him. Dangerous from 55-60m. Better than in the back half, for mine.


I don’t see him ever being a particularly good forward, but the coaches are big on all the mids having flexibility.
Hence Hepp tagging in a game last year, Zerrett at half back and so on.
It’s overall a good thing.


I get that it was more so to give him a rest but it looked like we were thinking that he’s going to be like a dangerfield in the goal square.

Myers is terrible in the air and not very quick when the ball hits the deck so yeah… wouldn’t be resting him there.

Hopefully it was just an experiment like so much of the JLT was for us


Someone has to put pressure on those speedy HBFers.



You do realise he is actually pretty quick, at top end speed?

No agility, and he’s rubbish off the line but he flies when he gets going.


I don’t think I have ever watched a game and thought, “■■■■■■ hell, that David Myers can move when he needs to”.

So no, I did not realise that he is actually pretty quick, if indeed he is, which I have no idea about.