#23 David Myers


It’s because he’s pretty poor off the mark and agility wise, which are probably more important for a midfielder.

Your traditional Sam Mitchell style rover is the opposite, great at getting out of trouble in that 5-10m size area, no top speed at all.


Poor off the mark makes you ripe for getting tackled early on, and that can make your decision making look slow.


Myers getting actually injured 3…2…1…


You think we were resting a guy in the 2nd game of pre season?


I love this ■■■■ still. Gun.


His top speed is great, but it takes him the length of two footy fields to get to the speed.


Showing exactly why he is in the team.

Parish missed out for this guy.


8 disposals but has protected the kids.

Not a bruise on a single player today!


Both idiots for singling a player out for that crap team effort.


We can’t play both him and Langford in the same team, and Langford offers more around the ground. Let him provide his vaunted leadership in the twos


A problem with dropping Myers is that we don’t have many onfield leaders - now that runners are gone those type of players are very important (the Hodges of the world)


Setting himself up to win Essendon most improved player in 2020


Did better than I thought.


i miss jobe :frowning:


He’s a leader of our club.
Shows where we are that he’s on the list AND a leader.

So depressing


I hope he wins most improved again.


He just needs to string some middling performances from about Round 11 onwards and he should be there.


How on earth is he in the best 22 OR the leadership group? He’s fkg tripe.


Clogiest list clogger that’s ever clogged


You know what makes a good onfield leader? Someone who can play, consistently well.