#23 David Myers


Im sure the Hawks supporters are cursing the sky about that.


Stood up like a leader yesterday and probably cemented his spot for another month at least. Exactly what we need right now.


Please, no more.


We would have ruined Rioli.


Try 8 years ago, he was drafted in 2007. The Hawks would have traded him to some sucker in 2010/11




Oh that’s dark, but very funny




More tackles than Devon Smith.


That can mean something when myers has a meaningfully defensive year.


Only played 80 minutes too


The way you guys are going on, is like he was the reason we lost and he was the only player that underperformed


while i totally get your point, the absolute unwavering ability of coaches to continue to pick players that regularly underperform always has, and always will lead to the team underperforming.


Not enough likes for this.


love how he just stood there waiting for the ball from mckenna when keefe cut across him to mark it


I’ve said for years that he was a list clogger. I’ve been criticised for my comments cause the guy doesn’t choose where he gets drafted. Yeah yeah I get that, but it still doesn’t hide the fact he’s no good, and never has been.

He has a turning circle of the SSTitanic, and moves as quick. He has a long kick that never hits a target unless it’s an opposition player.

I am so over seeing Myers, along with Brown and Ambrose always get gifted games.

The coach has got a lot to answer for, we will never get to the next level whilst we continue to play these players ahead of younger players.

Shoot me down if you wish, but he’s a rubbish footballer ( nothing against him as a person) and has always been so. He needs to have played his last game, along with a few others. I belive it’s the last year of his contract and have heard he plans to retire. Even more reason to not play him ahead of a kid like Redman or Gleeson ( when both fit)

Ask yourself this, what other club would he and a couple of others I’ve mentioned get a game with?


Myers has always struggle against an inside player who is crafty at stoppages and can break away from them - His ideal opponent is a pure inside player with few tricks - Not many of these match ups in the AFL.


Myers has always struggled against AFL players


None…100% agree and you can add Bags to the list too. None of them will take us to our next premiership so why the fark play them. Get Darcy, Lav, Begley back into this team ASAP. I don’t give a flying fark about 2019…I care about 2020 whilst Hooker & co are still around.


This guy is so ■■■■