#23 David Myers


Lav can run around like a chook without a head on like Meyer. At least theres a chance he’ll get better in the next 10 years…there is N O chance Meyers will get better and he has had his 10…N O N E !!! Play the kids ffs


Myers, Langford and Heppell are all plodders.
No way are we going up the ladder with these 3 in the team together.
We are pedestrian!


It hurts my soul when I see this bloke being gifted games and then played a forward - Laverde should’ve absolutely been given a game ahead of him if that was the plan.

Yes, he kicked a goal. But FFS the man is a midfielder or bust. And unfortunately, it’s most definitely a bust.


I don’t like to bag our players but I don’t know how to finish this sentence.


Complement sandwich him.


His last two weeks have been ordinary enough to suggest he might even drop himself this week.


Perhaps the most remarkable element of his career is the fact he’s apparently managed to convince four separate coaches to keep playing him, despite having spent the vast majority of his 12-year career operating somewhere between “garbage” and “mediocre”.

I remember mentally writing him off in 2011, and thinking he wouldn’t get to 50 games. Joke’s on me, I guess.


Still waiting for his breakout year in the midfield


It’s because he has had a few periods of his career where he has had 3-5 decent games in a row and we think his come good. Even I got fooled last year and I rate him as just about as poor a player to have played 100 games I’ve seen. We set a very low bar for David and when he gets to a 5/10 level we get so excited that he is exceeding expectations.
This guy is in our leadership group.


Well, i think just about any player who’s good enough to be on an AFL list would eventually string together a few decent games if they played 100+ games - simple law of averages.

I think it’s a combination of factors which have led to him playing many, many more games than he should have:

  • Early draft pick: Straight confirmation bias - early draft picks get many more opportunities to justify their recruiter’s opinion. Happens at all clubs.
  • We’ve been crap for basically his entire career, so pressure for spots isn’t what it should have been.
  • He ostensibly has “leadership qualities”, which we’ve dramatically over-prioritised as a club for 15+ years (at the expense of football ability).


After 10 years on the list he was recognised as our most improved player in 2018.

What a fkg joke of an award and the dickkheads that awarded it to him.
I can’t belive this spud is still playing he is farcking hopeless, and has always been. I’ve always called it, and have not been proven wrong. Only the red n black one eyed supporters thought he was good, well he’s rubbish.

That dinky little kick in front of goal that was intercepted was only lucky the saints player missed a goal I would have kicked. Then his long bomb oob I can go and on.

Farck I can’t go on with this crap anymore. Something needs to change and fkg quick!

Whose the board member that reads Blitz?

Where the farck are you !!


He’s terrible. May be a good bloke, but he’s just terrible


Please, no more.

Bring a kid in.


Did the players or him in the leadership group? Our the coaches? Do the coaches have veto on the leadership group? Regardless, why is he in the leadership group?


Protect the kids?


i don’t understand him being in the leadership group personally but by all accounts all the players love him.


Doesn’t mean he can play.


how doe a senior player get most improved?

still cannot move on from this.

reeks of corporate culture right there.




So basically what David has taught us, in order to play 100+ games for the EFC:

-Just be a well liked, good bloke