#23 David Myers


He is good bloke everyone loves him and um, well he’s a good bloke


Both Hird and Worsfold in the past 12 months have stated how important he is to the team and how valuable he was in 2018. I agree it’s difficult to see at times, but given our past 2 coaches know so much more than you guys, try to make the criticism a bit less personal and a bit more constructive. Especially given that whenever you are arguing against anything Hirdy even thinks, you are totally wrong.

Myers, along with hepp, smith, bellch and fanta & merrett due to injury, are players who were not flogged over the preseason given their injury histories. They have all started the year below their best.


then don’t play them?


Not the only player who is seriously out of form. Fanta, Tippa, Smack, Zaka and Brown should be dropped first, but I would be happy to just drop Myers and bring in DClarke.


The main issue I have and have always had back to Watson days, is that you cannot have three slow players in the midfield.

It used to be Watson, Goddard and Myers. Now it is Heppell, Myers and Langford. It is exacerbated with Myers because he can only play midfield.

Doing so means you get smashed on the rebound or if you lose the clearance. Add in David ‘Only runs fast offensively’ Zaharakis and it is a recipe doomed to fail.


Someone should tell David and John that all the kids are playing in the VFL team.




I have been pointing this out for years, when the ball bounces out of our forward line the opposition always has 3 to 4 extra men running for a release handball, our men don’t follow because they’re too slow and our backline gets outnumbered


The fact this guy has been retained on the list for 11 years and “wins” most improved at 29 last year is absolutely symbolic of the plight this club has found itself in for the better part of a decade and a half. Enough. Play a Clarke, Mutch or Mynott to find out if they can get to the level because this guy isn’t AFL standard and hasn’t been for a decade.


I and many others including the former fitness staff didn’t think it was wise trying to rush 4 preseasons of work into the players in 2012 off season, look how that turned out.
but hirdys always right, right by what you just said.

you know what else both worsfold and hird might have in common pretty damn ■■■■■■■ soon ???
they might both be sacked. let that sink in before you try and bullshit people with the crappy old line of, of people at the club know best.

no they don’t. they may know MORE, but it doesn’t always equate to “best”.




remember 2012(or 2011 off season), when the West coast fitness guy was sacked because he didn’t think it was a smart idea to cram 4 preaseason worth of fitness into one off season ??
then went out and got some guy who said no problem, i can do it, i’ve even got a mate who can help with supps.


So you were there when this was happening? Or you’re just riding on the coattails of hindsight?


Has the breakout game happen yet?


I used to think Mark Bolton was gifted games.


The name says it all - leadership group and we have a lack of leadership on the field, atm.


The problem is he is now in the leadership group so he will never be dropped. But he should be.


Its weird seeing Geelong play a bunch of kids with speed run dash flair reckless abandon just playing footy and winning games comfortably.

But no, let’s stick with Myers. Strike he can’t even HOOF it anymore.


He is such a big liability now.

Slow, poor footy brain, poor in the air.

Only positive attribute is kicking but still turns it over every second kick now and takes 5 seconds to get boot to ball


This is actually what I think the issue is. The team aren’t just trying to play footy, they are thinking too much and playing with zero instinct or muscle memory.

If they just play footy, they will at least be competitive, even D Myers.


How often do you go “wow” after a David Myers kick. Once a year?

He might be a long kick, but unless kicking for goal it isn’t the most dangerous weapon going around.