#23 David Myers


It should be if it went like: Bellchambers knockdown to Myers, Myers steps and boots it deep into forward 50, pack, snap, goal.




David Myers absolutely DOES protect the kids.

He does this by acting as the lightning rod for the whining sheeple set on Bomberblitz.

Meanwhile, the kids can hide their deficiencies in the VFL, and avoid the blowtorch of criticism…in fact, their legend grows and grows, as long as they are kept out of the senior team.


I found his return to the team to be a baffling decision - Have no doubt that Heppell and Zaharakis play better inside the contest and at a higher standard than Myers.


Have we ever dropped any senior players from the saga?

I’m pretty convinced we gave blokes like belly, Myers, Hurley an assurity that if their fit, they play after their year off. Even if it wasnt an assurity, I think these guys are clearly treated differently than other players with selection. Myers inclusion really baffles everyone. Hes so slow and so one dimensional. He really, offers nothing. He was in poor form the first two rounds also

Call me a conspiracy theorist. Yep. I get it. But I dont think it’s that unrealistic to think that’s exactly the case. We did, rob them of a year and put them through the ringer. I feel like the club think they owe, for example Myers, until they retire


We dropped Stanton early in 2017.
Hocking and Howlett basically didn’t get a go in 2017


What’s the case for Myers? Why should he be in the side?


Most improved.


A bit harsh on the kid, a breakout season is just around the corner


Top 10 draft picks don’t play magoos. It makes the recruiters look foolish if they do.


Alright, let’s get around him. I’d have others in the team ahead of him but hopefully he plays like a leader and gives it absolutely everything, crunching blokes and drilling 70m bombs.

IF he fails to deliver though, then it’s on the coaches to make the call and send him back to the VFL and give another kid a go - Langford, Guelfi, D Clarke, Ham, Jok, Mynott, whoever. We have options and we can’t continue to gift games to senior players if they’re not performing.

Good luck to him - he’s fighting for his spot in the team and I hope he delivers.


Howlett played about 12 or 15. Which was far too many.

Hocking only 1 or 2.


Will dominate this weekend. Bookmark it.




Yep, il get around him. Ill always support whoever pulls on the jumper

My anger isn’t at David . It’s at the people selecting him


In reality Myers was chosen over Guelfi. Redman came into the backline and Guelfi couldn’t force his way into the midfield. Woosha said it on the Bombers website. I still think that at this stage, Myers is better than Guelfi.


He actually said because Guelfi hasnt demanded/warranted a game in the midfield it became a choice between him and Redman in the backline and they have decided to go with Redman. It wasn’t that cryptic a statement. U may think he warranted a place elsewhere, they don’t, so at present its either him or redman back.


Wooshas job is to justify any of the team selections.

If he chose somebody else he would have justification for that also.

Doesn’t mean his team selection is right.


I’ll get around him. Had a good season last year. Couple of ordinary games this year but the whole team was ordinary.


And I still would like to see Clarke get a gig