#23 David Myers


Yep that’s what i Meant. He didn’t force his way into the midfield. There was one spot available and Myers took it. I didn’t think there was anything cryptic about it and i don’t think he warranted a spot anywhere else. Woosha just mentioned he hadn’t forced his way into the midfield.


I would too but i haven’t seen enough of him to know if he’s good enough yet. People that have seen a lot of him seem to be split on the topic.


Where I disagree is what we DO know about Myers. He’s not up to the standard. He’s about to turn 30 and is not the future. It’s an absolute joke that he “wins” our most improved in 2018, someone is clearly taking the pisss IMO. The problem I have with Myers’ selection is we know we’re going to get precious little from him as has been the case in his mostly underwhelming career but we miss an opportunity to put midfield minutes and development into players who might be a part of our future. Players like Parish, Langford & Clarke need to be given opportunity to see if they can get to the level. They have scope for improvement, Myers does not. Then you have the presently injured Laverde & Mutch who he’s been given preference over in the past. The foresight of our club needs questioning with the continued selection of this bloke. Of course the Myers fan club will howl me down as they have for the past decade but these are the sorts of things that have had our club at mid table mediocrity for more than a decade.


No, it’s a good point you make. And i think the Langford argument is probably the most valid (because Parish is already in). Langford is the only young fella that i would expect to do as good or better job than Myers at this stage. The others a little unknown. So playing Langford might have been a better idea. I just think the anger on here is a little over the top. They’ve always had similar output and i guess the club has gone with experience.


Which implies to me, that Guelfi is being primed as a mid, and has been told he needs to force his way into the side as a mid.


How many years are left on his contract?


A possible reason for this phenomenon is that Langford burns to get into the side, rather than expecting the gig. Just another suggestion.


I’m not ‘Myers fan club’ and I agree his position is up for discussion. But I don’t get ‘not up to standard’.
His last half of last year was good. We just can’t replace a 6’3 strong mid who last year basically gave us more contested possessions and more clearances per game than anyone on our list. You can bring Parish and/or Zaha in for bounces but they do not and can’t provide the physicality that Myers does.


It sounds that way. Which is great news. His intensity in the guts would be awesome. I love how hard he attacks every contest. You’ll never die wondering with Guelfi.


If you say it enough times, and it’s repeated enough times, it becomes true. Then you can build a case on it.


Would you go with Langford over Myers? It’s the toss of a coin for me. Which probably means Langford should get the gig. Because of “play the kids”. They’re really making him earn that 50th game.


Yeah, I feel like I have to say it as I’m not locked in on this bloke but it prob comes across as I am.

I do think the criticism is overs and we have no one demanding his spot.


I’d probably go with Langers. I want to see if he’s going to make it in that position, and if not, see if he’ll make it in any other. And if not, move on. Finish up the mid experiment (I don’t know how far they are with that), throw everything into the forward role (maybe give Laverde an extended run in the in/out mid). I think Myer’s experience and exceptional leading skills would serve excellently in the VFL. Then again - there’s a lot I don’t know.


No they didnt, he was injured, and never played in the 2s.
Edit nevermind didnt see the 2017 but.


This is the concern for me too. The more worrying part is the playing group seem 5o have vited foe him 5o go into the leadership group did they not ?

Which suggests the whole club dont see it and dont realise to get the ultimate prize the xollective as a whole have to make tough sacrifices.
Instead they want to ignore 10 years worth of evidence and want the warm fuzzy feeling oh getting success eith myers in the team.
But its not going ro happen.

I said the same about stanton and watson that we would never have success while they were the cornerstones of the midfield.
Watson improved 10 fold after i said that , but the fact is you need better balance in the whole side, and you just donr get it with myers.


Well thats like saying brown was our leading goalkicker (donno if he was) so therefore he is irreplaceable.

You stick a player in the midfield for most games of course they will get more possessions/contested possessions cos they are in a spot that has more of those situations.

I remmeber in 2017 that was the reasoning why bird never got a gig above myers , cos he xould never possibly do what myers did , just cos.

Except the games he was given due 5o injury , then his numbers where similar to myers.

Its a bullshit justification thats become so popular at this xlub , that player x cant be replaced , or theres no one knocking down the door.

For a club thats been so entrenched in mediocre culture youd think they’d be turning over every rock to try and find success, instead of running back to experiments that have never been that successful in the first place.


Langford was equally important to the team last year if not more.

His kicking was elite which is something we don’t have enough of.


I’m not sure that that’s a thing, at least not round these parts


I just checked and Howlett played 7. That’s more than I thought. But I agree, still way too many


Put your hand up if you thought our midfield got dominated for contested ball and clearances last week because it was undersized.

Last I looked the lions aren’t running Patrick Cripps through their midfield. If they were I could maybe argue my way into accepting Myers as a sensible inclusion.

Absent that though we are just robbing our midfield
of agility and spread in favour of a guy whose greatest attribute as an inside mid is arguably his ability to force a secondary ball up.

If Myers had clean hands, great vision and a quick mind, at his size, he’d be a real asset. Sadly he has none of those things and there isn’t a single lions midfielder that I would pick him to go head to head with.

I don’t think anyone be is really surprised though.