#23 David Myers


I don’t think he’s irreplaceable and I’ve said numerous times that his spot is worth discussion.
I think at present he’s the best we have. His numbers last year are good and with 4 in at each bounce and hi missing 7 odd games, plenty had chances.
He was preferred to Bird baceause he was a far better player. Also, a lot question his leadership value. The players collectively voted him into the leadership group so I’m happy to assume that they see him as a leader as well.


Of coarse, if the players voted for him and the coaches keep selecting him, it’s possible that they are correct and Blitz is wrong…


He plays his role no doubt

Is just not particularly good at it comparative to other sides key inside mids.

It’s just an unfortunate part of the state of our list post Watson that he’s our go to guy. And the next in line is Langford who lacks the aggression at the contest to play inside permanently and Clarke who can’t kick.

And also our best clearance player is an All Australian level forward


To kick the ball, first you must get the ball, which at the moment Langford is a touch deficient… If he had the attack that he showed at the end of last year he would be an automatic pick. Personally I beleive he will never make a permanent mid fielder, but make a fine HFF. Like Houli and Richards he is given tasks that don’t suit him.


You are probably correct, who needs mids that can slice the opposition open.


That’s the problem, not so much a slice , more a hack. Talented but not enough aggression.


Haha, it’s all so true. Early call, but after the first few rounds it’s starting to look like the 6-6-6 rule might be suiting the faster medium sized mids. The big clearance bulls aren’t quiet as critical. I might be way off though.


Or inside mids that can rack up the footy.

I just don’t get their persistence of playing him when he offers very little as an inside mid. His best year was 2014 or 2018 (both similar). Outside of that he has never been able to either get on the park or make an impact when he does.

Playing as an inside mid you have to be able to find the footy and extract it to the runners. You also have to have the endurance to be at contest after contest. High possession, high handball to kick ratio and lots of tackles. About the only thing he does is tackle, and even then it’s not like his is a Devon Smith level.

He is 30, plays two good games a year and the rest is very average. We need to cut our losses and move onto player who fit the mould of the role they are playing.

I get that Clarke has kicking issues, which appear to be far less not in effect but probably still and ugly action. But he is big, super fit, a contested animal who find the footy on Average 27 time a game the last two years. At AFL level Myers has got more than 25 possessions twice in 2018. We need to give Clarke 5 games to see if he can rack up the VFL numbers at AFL level. As we are loosing out on clearances and our ability to compete at stoppages. We are also stunting player development flogging the dead Myers horse.


I completely agree. Brisbane mids are quick and will run rings around us if we are imbalanced. Had great balance last week for a ground like the MCG and ran rings around them. It clicks and then he makes this move. If we match Melbourne in contested ball I don’t think that we need to add another in and under player


Incredible narcissism.


Yep, agree with that.
He is what he is at this stage. Accept it.


Nobody was complaints last year when he was doing well.

I agree on the aggression side of it but that’s not his fault if its not part of his nature.

It is up to the coaching department to find a role for him where it is utilizing his strengths.

Pendlebury is not an aggressive player either but he has forged a very successful career.


I’m kind of onboard.

If he sacrifices his body over the next 15 weeks or so, meaning Heppell and Sheil arent wrecked come finals. It’s a win.


So now he’s ‘protecting the guns?’


Lol, but yeah.

I definitely want to play the kids. But surprise, surprise they are mainly flankers. Ridley, Redman, Gleeson, Laverde, Begley and hams should get some game time. We haven’t drafted any mids that Myers is taking time off. Well apart from Langford but I’m not sold on him as an inside mid. If you don’t play Myers a lot does fall on either Heppel or Stringer or Sheil to crash and bash packs. I’m not even that sold on Myers being good at it. But geez if we make finals and Hepp and Stringer are cooked we are going straight out again.

Myers best spot is the disposable mid. As in his body is disposable.


Is ‘disposable mid’ a role other teams employ? Do they chuck slow ‘big bodied’ guys who aren’t that good in at clearances, so their gun inside mids don’t have to play the very role they are guns at?

Myers in means less centre square action for Parish, so it is gonna have some effect on developing kids.


The most improved thing sums up this club.


Hepp and Parish and our mids in general were great last week. Finally given a proper run in the middle.

Better get Myers back in.

Feels like we may as well say: hey, we should give Neeld another go.


Myers would be great to bring in if we are to start to have injuries to our senior midfielders. Currently ALL our senior midfielders are available.

So for the last midfielder in the rotation coming off the bench I would pick these guys before Myers.

Langford, Mynott, Clarke, Guelfi, Jok


I’ll probably change my mind again once Parish and Zaka are pushed out of the center this week. Probably lose it more likely.

On other teams Bernie Vince played 17 games last year, playing his last game in round 20.

Dustin Martin isn’t used week in week out in the guts even though he is a gun at it. They use grigg and others to lessen the load.

Geelong is flying but Selwood has been taking it easy(kids in this case rather than an old bloke), but he’s been cooked the past few finals campaigns due to the workload.

No side has a full compliment of gun mids.