#23 David Myers


You know the old saying, you cant see the forrest from the trees ?

If anyone at the club seriously and honestly think that myers is the difference between us being iutside the 8 and top 4 , god i hope they are removed from the xlub asap.

This is the worry foe alot of people that this xlub is a bigger boys club than the aus test team.

Jist because they decide ro do something doesnt make it right or in the best interests of the collective whole.


Isn’t that pretty much what Shiel is meant to do? In my preseason best 22 I had Shiel in, Myers out.


So you think they’d chose Myers even though they think it’s not going to give them the best chance of winning the game?

Or you think they believe it’s the right choice but they’re wrong? The boys club thing threw me a little.


I have been trying to categorise Myersy for some time.
Turns out RoCo has summed it up:

Myers is a “big framed midfielder”




You think he has another best spot?


I’ll pay Bernie Vince.

Hardly a strong sales pitch though.


‘Disposable’ mid? What does it mean? The 6-6-6 rule has meant less ‘crash & bash’ as you put it. The ‘best mids are big-bodied mids’ or ‘we need big-bodied mids to protect the kids or guns’ are both ludicrous myths. We need the best mids playing. Simple as that. You have just invented a new position. I am laughing, so cheers for that.

p.s. Oh, your question. The magoos have a bye, so…from the stands?


I can pull more out. Shaun Grigg, Mitch Robinson. Levi Greenwood.

Not a strong argument, but hey that’s Myers level.


They all offer something else besides being big. Myers really doesn’t.

Now, if Woosha used Myers to tag, I could see an argument.


Hopefully he is in to give Hepp a chop out and spends 60% of the game on the pine…he hasn’t got and never will have either speed or distance in his legs. The Lions have got lots of talented onballer kids that maybe will be found wanting with their immature bodies if exposed to real physical body to body aggression, so yeh probably was down to Langford v Myers…Myer wins this time and is told to test the Lions mid-fielders…else I agree, a waste of time and it should have been a kid in.


That’s true.

Anyway I’ve defended Myers enough today for a lifetime. Must be the win, I’ll be back calling for his head as soon as we next lose.


I had a run as a Myers happy clapper last year.

Felt weird.


All those guys mentioned are competent taggers too. I suspect one of the reasons we don’t see Myers used as a hard tag is that he’s too easily exploited on the outside. His opponents would just skoot away from him


Imagine Myers getting dragged deep into defense by Dusty.


The whole ■■■■■■■ thing threw me

Work on yo phone skillz



Maybe. Shiel is smallish at 5’11 and similar to Zaha, Parish, McG, Smith, Zach etc. Only Hepp has height and Myers height and strength


As far as I’m concerned he should be on notice.

The coaches have backed him for three years now. As a supporter I’m now looking at them saying if he doesn’t perform then it’s on you and if you can’t make the decision then you have to go.

The standard for Myers is average 25+ disposal 7+ tackles and a goal. If he can’t do that in the next period, banish him.

But we all know 19 touches, 4 tackles and push and shove of McGraths man is all he will do.


Myers having strength is a myth. He might be able to stand up in tackle, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen him break one. Stringer has strength.


I think he has strength of character, which apparently is enough for selection these past 10 years.

If Parish is forced to play anywhere other than onball in order to accommodate Myers, then I’ve lost even more faith in the coaches than I thought possible