#23 David Myers


I rate getting clearances as more important than what the player looks like.


Me too, so it just comes to preference I suppose.

As Myers and Hepp were our leading clearance players last season and you didn’t have him in your best 22, have you put a line through?

I didn’t do a best 22 but would prob have him in but would be in the last few.


inb4 he pushes parish to half forward


It’s sad but this will actually happen.

Personifies Woosha’s reign at Essendon


The Bolton “Best Clubman” selection agreement.


Let’s remember… Myers was up and firing in the 2nd half of last year.

Coincidentally, that’s when the team were up and firing.

Myers = front runner

Team is not there yet, one good game doesn’t equal form turnaround.

Unfortunately coaching panel don’t understand this.

Banish Myers to VFL until 2nd half of this season, preferably after the bye.

Depth player ONLY


I for one, want to see what this Myers kid has to offer!


He should only be in there to give Heppell a chop out, and lets face it, that’s basically what he does.
But Worsfold will send him to FF, HBF, etc etc trying to get some mileage out of him. If and only if he can get back his overhead marking skills should he be used in those positions.


Why are people bagging Myers over Langford saying Langford has more to offer. But what? I’ve seen nothing to indicate he’s got more strings to his bow. Sure Langford is young but he’s not exactly going to start to turn into an elite mid at this stage of his career. Let’s not waste another 4 years waiting for Langford to arrive. It’ll be Myers all over again.


Im suggesting that as a playing group , only 1 on our list has had success qnd he is in his second year here, therefore imo players arent aware of anything other than what is the status quo and what feels familiar.

So myers is getting a gig based on being a senior older player and the feel/vibe of things, and because he has “leadership” qualities.

If it was solely based on form he would not be getting a game.

There inlies the issue for me , they either cant see he isnt best for the team to be an untouchable …
Or they do see it and think they can carry him onfield because of his off field persona and cos they like him.

Both are concerning to me as we wont be a legit threat for a flag if he is an untouchable starting best 22 imo because well 10 years of evidence to date suggests it.

Im not saying donr play him at all , im saying he is not a player who should be given a spot , if he went back to vfl and deserved a call up, so be it, but he is not some magical creature that can’t be replaced.


Myers being in the team probably means Darcy goes to the outside as Myers will have to play his inside bullocking role. Parish on the outside is silly, and well established.

Langer’s would offer more on the outside than either Parish or Myers, some would say it is Kyle’s natural position to play HFF/wing.

Therefore, Langers (HFF) + Darcy (inside) >>> Myers (inside) + Darcy (HFF)


so much this


Even the Langford can stand up in a tackle


Myers and Parish don’t have to and shouldn’t play in the same midfield rotations. So they can play on the same side. But how did Parish become a staple midfielder and your logic that Langford is good on the outside is and therefore better than Myers is not really good logic.


I like Myersey. Myersey.


Stoneds up in the tackle.


I was ok with our structure last year. I simply swapped Shiel in for Myers, on the basis he’d get the clearances Myers did but also get more touches and be more dynamic.


Maybe Myers can be put in charge of knocking Lachie Neale out if he starts accumulating too much (within the spirit of the game … ofcourse ).

But seriously I do like Myers and he provides that body to be knocked so our Boy Z can get free. Hopefully he plays well


Maybe he’ll “run with” Neale? Had a couple of those roles last year and did ok


Myers is going to get 10 possessions
1 clearance
3 turnovers
1 hoof