#23 David Myers


I’m expecting more of a 18 disposal, 13 of them blind hacks, some panic handballs, no impact BUT him protecting Parish from midfield time.


Myers has some good attributes but his overhead and contested marking has never been a strength. In fact for someone 190+ cm he is poor.


I look forward to the explanation of how that wasn’t studs up from Hipwood.



MRP: 'Hipwood was tunneled, so suckshit Essendon"


Fark that looked nasty


Whateley was all over that as soon as it happened. “I think he was just getting serious air, losing his balance and trying to get it back”.

What a tool. If that had been an Essendon player on a Brisbane player he would have made the immediate comparison with Toby Greene with all the disingenuous impartiality he could muster.


Abnormal foot movement.

Are you frikkin kidding me.

Its called kicking, studs up and in the face. Any other code, rugby included and the bloke would be rubbed out.

Does Gil get on the phone to fox footy and tell them start the propganda to protect/save Brisbane’s forward?


He was tunnelled, that’s the annoying bit.

But aside from that, he also kicked Myers square in the face.


First time Myers has been cheered off.


Hope he is ok

Didn’t appear to have his nose rearranged.

Prob just lacerations from the studs.

Was serviceable today. 18 possessions. Did the grunt work. No outrageous clangers I can think of.


That was a nasty foot sammich he copped today. Very lucky to escape serious injury.


Courageous and tough but so was Henry Slattery. Still don’t see it.


Wishing him all the best at this stage.


Yep- looked awful. Hope he recovers quickly.


I’m pretty sure the studs made contact before the tunneling occured


I don’t think he was tunnelled at all.


Myers was good today - played his role.


Was more the obvious kicking motion that was the dirtiest part.

Can understand some what being caught out with your feet out for some protection.

If Hipwood was playing at 16 of the other sides in the comp he would be taking a significant holiday.


I reckon he’ll still go.

It’s too obvious.