#23 David Myers


It was deliberate. He put his studs in Myers’s face and kicked. It should have been a free to Myers and a report for Hipwood. Instead it was a goal to the Koalas and Myers took no further part in the match, leaving us down a man.

Why did the prick do it ? He lashed out in frustration, I reckon, because he couldn’t stand being smothered constantly by Paddy Ambrose. Weak character. Spoilt rotten.

As for David Myers — he must be the unluckiest player ever on our list. A bright promise spoilt by years of serious injury — and every time he comes good, as he did today, something happens to stuff him up again. It’s very possible he won’t be fit enough to turn out against the tin-rattlers. Fugg Hipwood.


he kicked out the leg, hipwood was in an unchecked rage, if anybody should get weeks it should be the ■■■■■■■ umpires who let hipwood’s illegally overly violent play go unchecked

why is nobody reporting on the ■■■■■■ umpiring that lead to it? Margets and co are the only true guilty party in this.


You really are missing the ■■■■ take gene aren’t you.


Football is a team game.
Everyone needs to play their role and you can’t argue with the result. Ergo a quality game. Try watching the game without the facile TV commentary and focus on what Myers does in contests.
I wondered what idiots like you would have to say after such a convincing win, but I underestimated your lack of football knowledge- you really don’t get team sports do you.


Fair enough.

Well played.


Oooh… Dark Knight gonna need some aloe vera after that


His grunt work was excellent yesterday, and watching live, it really stood out.

He certainly played a very good team game yesterday.


Has anyone heard what the damage is?

Is he alright? I had flashback to Jimmy Hirds knee to the face car crash incident.


Woosh said in the presser that it’s probably a broken nose and some minor lacerations about the face.


His grunt work is always good, but with Myers it’s a tradeoff with his poor outside game. Personally, I prefer a bit more versatility in my mids.


They’ve patched him up, he’s right to go:


Absolutely has to go for that. Many many footballers take a mark with their eyes on the ball, very few of them see the need to put their foot out. That was a dirty act


Toby Green changed the rules for everyone. The rules, are the rules, are the rules.


Well, he got more headlines and sympathy than usual. Dunno if I’d label that as “dominating” though.


His foot was up even without the tunneling, pathetic effort.


Given our set up, and the amount of run we generate off half-back, I think we can afford to have a specialist inside “grunt” midfielder like Myers.

Sure, if he had the all round game of someone like Bontempelli or Dangerfield, that’d be awesome. But I think he gives us something we lack, and when he plays his role well, we are a much better team for it.


I agree to a point. But you can have a specialist inside grunt who can still move and spread well. Hocking was that inside grunt and he was still able to offer something on the spread especially defensively. It’s the role I was hoping they’d groom Guelfi for during the offseason but it seems they had him pegged for the backline in 2019.



i had been meaning to go back and play funny buggers with some editing, but alas theDJR got there before me.


That’s passable from myers. He wasn’t great, but it was reasonable I thought. I thought he was pretty strong around the contest. If he can keep that up, he will be best 22. I really hope he does


I thought he was average but didnt cause any turnovers and did enough to provide a chop out for Hep and Sheil at least