#23 David Myers


Thought his game was okay. Probably not droppable based on that performance.

Was cringing when we was starting in the goal square for a few centre bounces. Will never be a threat as a forwards. Yes he can dob them from 55m but that’s when he’s a mid drifting forward.

Not gonna be a threat in the air or when the ball hits the deck


Any news on his face?


How quickly do players come back from a broken nose?

Week? 2?.. no time at all?


yep - and it’s a hell of a lot worse than we thought.



What sort of doctor would bandage an injured man’s face with toilet paper?


Looks like a WW1 English army corporal with sh*t paper for an eye patch.


Remarkably David hasn’t aged one bit



Corporal ? WO2 at least !


Hipwood cleared.


Not great for David but I’m happy that Hipwood was cleared


Should have got weeks. 2 actions. Joke.


Seriously talented kid to be able to mark above his head at the highest point with eyes on the footy and manage to kick an opponent in the face by design in the same motion.


Explanation at 2:56. It sounds like the slight contact from behind from Ambrose played a factor in Hipwood being cleared.


Did the MRP also recommend the removal of the rule, and the public whipping of whoever suggested it?


Yep, very fair in my book. There is obviously a duty of care but I reckon Myers misread it and ended up closer than he realised and basically under the footy.

Very different to Dahlhaus I think.


‘Reasonable’ in the AFL’s eyes is usually the complete opposite.


Yeah dont get it.

The second motion looked dodgy as.


It looked like hip wood is sticking his leg out to correct his balance. Not sure the event deserves a mention tbh. Myers in the wrong place at the wrong time.


Of course the prick got off — it was against Essendon.


Gee some of you blokes have some massive amounts of tin foil. No way did that deserve a suspension