#23 David Myers


really needs to give a handball. no point bombing it 50 metres to an outnumber


Good game today.


Did some legit, tough, in-and-under contested work today. I mean he usually does, it was just particularly noticeable today, especially after half time.


i thought he was pretty good. his face remains in tact as well today which is a massive positive for him.


Yes he certainly didn’t lose face today.


He was very solid today I thought


You sure you weren’t mixing him up with Saad?


don’t just stand there, run TO the ball


It begins.

But geez that effort in the centre was really bad.


Needs to be better.

A couple of times he just waited for the ball.

And guess what? It didn’t come him because some pie scum just walked around him.


No more just no more

Please no more


Get’s found out against good sides, so slow such a plodder.


Donnington plz.

You may be right tho.


What exactly does Myers offer?
He can’t mark overhead, is painfully slow, lacks awareness, is a poor kick. Plus can’t play as a forward or defender, and does stuff all in the midfield.

Is being a good bloke sufficient reason for him to have a 10 year plus career?


See previous 3000 posts.


Not sure how we can have a mid that averages 16 a game and can’t run, has no spatial awareness, doesn’t have any pace, team mates don’t look for and overall literally has been gifted a career.


Myers in his current form is a liability against strong sides. He gets games to add strength to the team in getting the ball out or tackling in congestion. This is not happening. Against weaker sides he can be covered for his errors, but was of little impact and his errors costly today.


Liability for the last 20 games


Never again please


His leadership qualitied must be so fuxking great cos his football skill is deplorable