#23 Harrison Jones - now 23 til 2024!

I’d give him 2 years even though I don’t actually think he is super talented.

He works hard though, so even if he doesn’t make it as a forward, I would like to see him tried as a defender before moving him on.

We’ll see. Lots of young talls (from all clubs) miss a bunch of footy early in their careers with this sort of injury. Some don’t bounce back, some do.

Its his chalk feet and ankles that worry me. They have been a concern for years

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This is his fourth year, although I don’t disagree with your point. Clubs are much more willing to take a punt on a tall player.

Nah, he stands on some fictional summit somewhere in Bizarro World where he believes he is intelligent, articulate and understands the true essence of footy.


Interesting comparison on where these 2 are at:

Harry Jones 31 games 35 goals height 196cm weight 88kg DOB 15 March 1999
Oscar Allen 69 games 99 goals height 196cm weight 96kg DOB 19 March 1999

Allen drafted No. 21 in the 2017 national draft, Jones No. 30 in the 2019 national draft

So Allen does have 2 seasons on Jones, but same age, same height. Allen has missed some footy, interesting to see where Jones is at this time next year.

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Think you have got one of their birth years wrong mate


Oh my bad, googled Harry Jones age (see below) but I see he was born Feb 2001. Thanks, less relevance now, ignore - let’s hope Harry can be as commanding within the next year or 2, unsure if I can see it tbh.

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it’s the 5-6 years comment that isn’t right.

you could give 2-3 years yes, but not 5-6, as that makes it into 21 that he was in this vicious cycle you’ve made up.

also the difference being in 2020, he continued to play, jones once he is injured he’s wiped out for the rest of the year.

there inlies the issue, well moreso on blitz. is it a good list strategy to have that you run with “some blokes bounce back” so lets wait and see and hope.

not specifically aimed at you, but you’d want to be relying on other key indicators on if he will make it, other than, oh player x who’s vaguely good or is good had struggles early on, it’s ok jones is the same.

I haven’t made anything up. Redman was battling a groin injury throughout 2020. His first ‘free’ year post the injury cycle was 2021, after his first uninterrupted preseason of 2020/21. Redman acknowledged this. He debuted in 2016. I stand by what my point was.

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Probably on the LTI list again.


It is not uncommon for young, new, tall and thin AFL players to have troubles with the pressure demanded by AFL standards. Rarely there will be the odd one, like Fletcher, who don’t have those problems. It is not only football but also cricket. So, it should require some patience as their bodies mature. This is true of Jones, Cox and Reid. The real issue once this happens is the work ethic. Are they prepared to wait and train on a long-term schedule? That can be hard and not everyone has the fanatic commitment and patience needed. I hope Jones and the others have it.

I’m just not sure what alternative course you’re suggesting. Of course some young players get injured, and i don’t think it’s exactly breaking news that tall skinny kids are disproportionately vulnerable. When someone like Jones or Cox cops this sort of injury and builds up this sort of injury history, yeah, it’s a definite worry as to their long-term viabiity.

But what do you do instead? If you only draft young talls who are already big-bodied, you’d hardly draft any young talls at all, because it’s RARE for 18yos to be 95kg and powerful going into the draft. If you cut your losses early and delist blokes after (for example) their second long-term injury in 3 years, you’d lose a lot of talent because it’s reality that some players DO recover. You can say that ‘well some players recover’ is a bad list management strategy, but so is ‘well some players don’t get their form back after injuries young’. There’s examples in both camps.

I think the club’s doing all it can from a list management point of view (injury management is another matter of course…). Drafting Hunter is pretty obviously partly in order to improve our kpf list depth given Jones’ issues, for instance, and Hayes was backup for Reid given his.


Redman’s groin injury was very noticeable during games, as it manifested itself in a distinct lack of pace, he just wasn’t able to run freely and he got left behind often sprinting for the ball.

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Correct. There was a game against Lions at Metricon where Cameron tore Redman apart. Redman couldn’t change direction or use speed. I think that was the night Rutten wanted to put Saad in a defensive role on him. A move that reportedly didn’t go down well with our old friend Saad!

People were calling for Redman papers to be signed……. A bit like Jones now curiously :thinking:


There is a strategy where you trade for talls rather than draft them. Mainly thanks to the feeder clubs GWS and GC the trade strategy has more merit than it otherwise would.

* Looks at Wright, and Weiderman, and Stringer *

How is that different to what we’re doing now? Unless you want to target top young talks as your trade targets and are ready to pay 2 first rounders each for them.


Or big $ free agent deals - Buddy / Lynch/ Daniher and to a lesser extent McStay etc

True - but those don’t come along every day. It’s pretty irresponsible to plan your list build around them, too much can go wrong. And it’s always easier for a top side to attract that sort of player anyway, which we at this stage aren’t.