#23 Harrison Jones - now 23 til 2024!

Tom Lynch played that role but wasn’t just bullied off the ball.

Tom Lynch Adelaide
EDIT…notice also named by Houli.

Also, you have a narrow view of contested player.
The marks on Saturday that resulted in goals were Contested, just not in the way that you want, because you believe the opposition will simply decide NOT to give Harry a run at the ball, and that’s the end of it.
I highly doubt it’s that simple.

Also, he is contesting a lot of loose ground ball that other 196cm+ players don’t/can’t.

Look, I don’t know if he makes it given his injury history.
There is something there though, especially if he can build aerobically.



Hopefully he has a good run with injury now so that we have decent body of work to judge him on.

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Guy has missed pretty much a year with a back stress fracture and ankle surgery. He’s had only a few games including practice games, since then. How about we see how he slowly develops? He’s never going to be a Wayne Carey style strength beast, but he could add a little weight and get more like Nick Riewoldt/Jack Gunston in playing style, eventually - mostly running defenders around and floating in for marks, but at least able to compete in a 1v1 under a high ball. Not to say he will get close to (especially) Reiwoldt for quality, but he doesn’t have to in order to end up a good AFL player.

What I like is even when he’s not getting the ball and marks are spilling, his second and third efforts at chasing/competing/harrassing/tapping are pretty much constant when he’s near the footy. He doesn’t ease off the gas once it hits the deck or a player gets a step away. Even at AFL level, this (easing off) is too common.


I still see a Jarrad Waite, type of player there.
Not ruling out him adding size in his 30’s :slight_smile:

I felt he had lost all confidence, but did some nice things against the Saints.
There is still a player there.
How many people were glad it was Jones who marked the ball 20 out straight in front not Draper.


Waite had better hands. He could clunk just about anything. On a good day Jones’s hands are really good, but its consistency that holds him back.

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Early days Waite was inconsistent and injury prone, he also had the added pressure of father son hype.

The haters on this board struggle to accept that Harry is a very difficult match up for the opposition.

He has a tank, runs hard and gets to a lot of contests and is a threat in the air. He is capable in the air and has a penetrating kick that can get past the ‘down the line’ set up.

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Why couldn’t he be a Gunston type?


Size-wise he could. But Gunston is/was one of the most intelligent readers of the play and forward craftsmen in recent history. Not sure Harry has that level of footy nous, but even 60% of peak Gunston would be decent.

Gunston was a lead up forward. They are nothing alike. I mean they are both forwards but thats where the comparisons end


I don’t understand the comments about Harry offering “nothing” in contested situations.
Ill repeat the stat again, he was the second fastest player ever to have multiple games of 5 or more contested marks.

He can take a grab.
People are evaluating him off of the 15 or so games he played while being perennially injured, not the first 20 he played injury free. Which for the life of my I cant understand.

It would be no different to saying Draper is crap because he couldnt run last year while he had OP.

Now thats not to say Harry will become the next Nick R but it still doesnt make sense.


He is at his best when running and jumping at the ball. If he is standing still just wrestling with his opponent one on one he gets dominated


Fred le Deux…we’d call him Fred Junior, wouldn’t we?

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Or Fred the second…

Or, getting in early, Fred the turd, as in number two.

Have a look at surviving footage of John Coleman.

Very nice first half from Jones, showing his worth. Working hard, good second efforts.


With very little aerial support he is doing very well to make sure contests are getting halved. Unfortunately there’s been nothing much for him to kick to when he’s taken a mark at half-forward.


I hope this little form continues from him