#23 Harrison Jones - now 23 til 2024!

They might at the moment, sure.
But he’s got to have a run at it. Not out on a flank running decoys forever and a day.

Lets face it, 2MP is not giving us much but the odd chest mark, pinch hit in the ruck and sometimes a slap down to the crumbers. Can’t seem to clunk anything above his head right now.

Draper in for 2MP and clear out that forward line to let Harry have a go at it. WC at home should be an opportunity to re-adjust our fwd line.

I think he’s improved this year but it was a low base. he’s shown a few more glimpses, and i agree that I’d drop 2MP who is in deplorable form for draper.

But he’s very unconvincing. Im not even sure if he will be on the list in 2 years, let alone near those guys you mentioned