#23 Harrison Jones - now 23 til 2024!

It’s an interesting one. Could see another club liking what they see and rolling the dice by offering him 3 or even 4 years, which would really turn his head especially given 1-2 is all that’s really prudent on our end.

Hoping we can keep him.

Or we could even take the gamble that he may not be a long term KPF (contrary to my post above!) and that we have 5 blokes that can play wing, so if we can “sell high” for a high teens or low 20s pick it may be worth the gamble.

Flame away.

Based on the hype in here you would think hes been playing wing for years and is killing it. He’s played three games there and probably the last experiment before it’s time to give up

Theyll try him in defense before giving up

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3 of Cox’s 5 goals were kicked in one game (Gold Coast?) when he moved forward.

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No there’s not. We wouldn’t have got rid of BZT of key position players were the same frames as Jones

We kept Gadget…

Jones could become a classic CHB in the Sean Wellman mould. Wellman took over CHB when Dean Wallis retired in 2001.

i know people were getting very excited about the two goal scoring tall wingman but it’s a luxury i don’t think we can afford.

Jones doesn’t impact at all, and indeed is a total liability, with the ball on the deck in chaos situations between the arcs. he’s only impacting in slow play situations where can set up a kick ahead or kick behind and impact in the air.

you need more than that out of a wingman.

Dursma played a lot of half back to my eye last night but he’s a much better true wingman than jones.

cox is a little more useful on the deck and in the chaos than jones but not by much. i can see a role for cox as a pinch hitting ruck/wing but we need another proper wing to complement duursma IMO.

we should only be selecting one of jones or cox going forward


100% correct.
We are trying to find positions for Cox and Jones rather than picking the best player for that position. It’s arse about.
I’d rather send Martin back to the wing and give Redman a go at distributing and give Hayes a run down back.


The solution is that Cox and Jones are our ruck relief and we do away with this BS two ruck setup.


Wright is twice the ruckman that Jones and Cox are, and he has a natural position on the ground. He just needs to get some mongrel back, that’s where the coaches need to earn their money. Motivate him-carrot or stick, I don’t mind.

The Jones / Cox wing thing is clearly experimental and Scott trying to find out how best to use this list. It may or may not evolve into a genuine competitive advantage but it’s one reason why I’ve not once thought we were anything other than what we are - a mid table side that will be inconsistent until a few roles / personnel are locked in , turned over, sorted out. That said, getting 5 goals from your wingmen is interesting. It’s not where the game was lost.


Nah, I like Jones on the wing. Gives us an outlet that we haven’t had in a long time. It also frees him up from defenders hanging off him. Cox looked better up forward.


I think you at least need to try and give him a full pre-season training in the positions but your point is fair he is not a ground ball player. Don’t know if Jones and Cox rotate forward wing even with Martin is an option with Duursma on the other wing.

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Wright to get some mongrel back?
You can’t get back what you have never had.


This is Jones’ 2nd and 4th quarters.
He has run out chances and positions to play in

What I don’t like is we don’t use the advantage he gives us. If we have him on the wing, don’t have our forwards (and their defenders) push up for the down the line kick. Leave him against the winger.


If only there was a young player in the 2s. Nice kick, hard worker and tough too. If only we had the opportunity to give someone like that a crack.

Oh well.

I dont mind jones floating up on the wings. He’s looked very good at times doing that

Duursma one wing. Martin and Jones rotating between HF/wing the other

Its so…farking…obvious


I’m starting to think having Duursma on the wing makes every other midfielder lazy, they just don’t show half the effort to get back that Xavier does.

He is our best wingman and I have half a mind to make him defensive HFF purely to expose the laziness of the midfield group, when the inevitable happens and Duursma is still the first man to get back in defense

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